Garden Shrubs: 31 Ideas To Choose Yours

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It is important to mention that you can look for garden ideas that suit your needs, so do not worry if you do not have a large space, or even if you do not have a lot of time to dedicate to their care.

Below we will review ideas for decorate your gardenIn the first part you will know the bushes most used for this area and then we will see photographs of decorated spaces including plants in their decoration.

1. Garden Shrubs Most Used in Decoration

Boxwood shrub

It is a great option for your garden, it is an ideal small shrub to fill that empty space in your garden, or to put it on a balcony if you do not have enough space indoors.

Boxwood shrub

It does not require a long time to care for, and it can remain both in the sun and in the shade. The Boxwood will provide your spaces with that natural decoration you want, without spending a lot of maintenance time.

Camellia X Williamsii or Camellia

This shrub can be placed inside your home, in a place where you can appreciate its beautiful flowers, such as a living room, dining room or living room.

You must select the appropriate pot that allows its beauty to stand out, it will give a natural touch to your room that will attract glances with its striking flowers.


Bougainvillea or Bugambilia

It is a climbing shrub with very showy flowers, it will fill the garden with life and color. Today you can find it in the form of a bush, bouquet, for a pot or with the size of an azalea, and its popularity has made it develop in a multitude of different formats, making it easier for one to have it at home in good condition.

Bougainvillea Flower

Bougainvillea is easy to handle with its branches, and with a little patience you can channel its growth so that it takes the shape and path you want. It is important that you bear in mind that these plants only grow well in areas where there are no frosts, as they cannot tolerate being below 7º degrees; For this reason, it is important that during the winter you protect it well so that it does not die.

Bougainvillea in a Terrrace

The moment in which the flowering begins is with the arrival of the intense sun. The most common of the bougainvilleas is the one with the pink flowers, with that intense and lively tone that makes everyone turn to look at it. Of course, you can also find them in different shades of pink, in orange or even white or yellow.

Jasmine climbing shrub

With the subtlety and contrast of its white color, the Jasmine climbing bush will make your garden decoration a unique place. This type of vine is extremely easy to care for and maintain, you only have to prune it from time to time so that they take the shape you want.

Jasmine Creeper

In addition to the beauty of its flowers, jasmine gives off a delicious aroma during flowering. Aspects that you have to take into account is that it is preferable that you plant it or locate it in a protected area if there are very cold winters in your area, since you will help it to be preserved. Among the cares: it requires light, as it will be the key to being healthy; Irrigation must be abundant in the spring and summer months, it is important that it is located in an area where the water can drain well and a fertilizer is required in the flowering months, which will help it with its flowers already be prettier.

As for the temperature, it is important that you bear in mind that it can tolerate up to 3 degrees below zero, so take a look at how winters are in your area and consider adopting one of these beautiful plants. At the same time, consider the option of acquiring a gardening blanket to keep it warm during the winter season, which is also valid for plants such as bougainvillea.

Plumbago Auriculata

Beautiful garden shrub for its color; the flowers of blue tones stand out among the green color of its leaves. This shrub can be included in your interior or exterior decoration, it is ideal for a vine, but it can also be planted in pots.

It does not require special care and requires little time.


Plumbago Auriculata Flower


It is a shrub with striking flowers, which will make your garden a place worthy of admiration, they are easy to care for, and you can include them in the internal decoration of your spaces.

Azaleia flower

Azaleia Outdoors

Cistus X Corbariensis or Rockrose

It is a shrub that you can use indoors or outdoors, its flowers are white, which allows it to stand out from the other shrubs. It is advisable to put it as a focal point of the decoration for this reason.

Flower Cistus X Corbariensis

It is one of the favorites when choosing a garden shrub, mainly for its more rustic appearance, without losing its elegance and sobriety, so it can fit in many styles of homes or gardens. It is also easy to care for and withstands drought or high temperatures.

Cistus X Corbariensis Outdoors


It is a very beautiful plant that has more than 400 different varieties, so you can see them in different shapes and colors. They are preferably outdoors, since flowers do not grow indoors.

It is a shrub that will beautify any garden with the striking color of its flower. It is important to know that you must place it where it receives sunlight, but preferably avoiding direct light.


Hydrangea Flower

Garden Palm Trees

The palm tree is a plant that does not require much care and is very versatile, since you can plant it outside (directly in the ground), or in pots and include them in the decoration of the interior of your home.

When we plant it in outdoor gardens, it has an important mission: to protect the smallest plants. It is an excellent option if you want to give a summer or tropical touch to your garden.

Palm Trees Exterior

Garden Pine or Dwarf Pine

The garden pine is widely used in garden designs as a focal element due to its size and intense green tones.

It is ideal to be used in confined spaces, since its growth is moderate.

Dwarf pine

Astilbe x Arendsii or Astilbe Dwarf

It is a shrub with a small growth, it has a rounded figure and can be a perfect choice to fill empty spaces in the garden.

It is extremely easy to care for and can be combined with other colorful flowering plants to diversify the colors.


Lavandula Angustifolia or Lavender

Very characteristic in appearance due to its peculiar intense purple color.

You can combine it with other shrubs or plant them in a creative way, so that they form a path or the cellar of your garden. Dare to use your creativity!

Lavender Path

Spirea of ​​Japan

It draws attention for its intense pink flowers that will serve as a focal point within the design of your garden. It is a fast growing shrub and can be planted in any soil. It requires very little care time.

Spirea from Japan

An excellent idea is to plant the Japanese spirea in pots and let their flowers fall freely.

Ribes Sanguineum or Winter Gooseberry

It is a shrub known for its rapid growth. It is covered with beautiful decorative flowers that contrast with the green color of its leaves, without a doubt, they will make any garden a place worthy of admiration.

Ribes Sanguineum or Winter Gooseberry

Budelia or butterfly bush

They are ideal shrubs to design your internal or external vertical garden, or simply to plant in pots. Its flowers are purple and will beautify your space in contrast to the vibrant green hues of its leaves.

Budelia or butterfly bush

Dwarf Loropetalum

This shrub from China, with leaves that turn purple, is ideal as a focal point in any garden.

The size can vary depending on the characteristics of the soil, however, the size can be maintained by cutting it periodically. In addition to pruning (to limit its growth), it does not require other special care

Decorative Ideas for Gardens

Next we will see some photographs of spaces that have been created from an original idea. Let’s get to it!

Hanging Gardens with Flowers

It is a technique currently used to decorate small spaces, it allows people who have limited outdoor spaces, to integrate flowery natural aspects to their environments.

Hanging Gardens

Hanging Garden With Colorful Flowers

Vertical Wall Garden

It is the ideal option to bring nature to your interior spaces, it allows you to decorate them in an elegant way thanks to the inclusion of vegetal touches that give life to the environments, without requiring so much space.

Climbers, such as the Bougainvillea or the Jasmine Climbing Bush, are excellent shrubs to design your vertical garden.

Vertical Wall Garden

Potted Flower Shrubs

It is a very simple idea, but highly recommended: there are certain spaces in the home that are gloomy, not necessarily due to lack of light, but due to lack of charm. A small pot with a colorful plant always brightens and brightens a room.

Do not forget that the choice of a pot is essential: on the aesthetic side, it allows us to attract attention if we choose a showy pot, and operationally speaking, depending on the size of the pot we choose, we will define how big our plant will be in the future. .

Potted Shrub

Take advantage of “Dead” Spaces

As we have already said, nature can also be part of the interior decoration and for this we must choose the plants in relation to the styles we want to create.

In the next photo we can see that this environment is of a modern style, so the plants chosen to decorate it also refer to this style. It is observed that a space without functional use is used to decorate it with plants:

Natural Use of Space Below Scale

It should be noted that in this photograph, the plants are directly planted to a ground (false ground). There are no flower pots involved in this decoration.

In the photograph that we will see below, we can also appreciate a modern style that includes plants in its decoration: vertical straight plants that give a natural touch to the stone on the wall.

Attention with this: the plants are directly planted in an artificial soil, there are no pots intervening in the decoration.

Plantas en Estilo Moderno

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