Geometric drawings in your home decoration

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Decor : Geometric drawings in your home decoration

Geometric motifs in decoration

Does this or another room in your home seem boring? Do you feel like giving him a change but don’t know how? At Bezzia we share with you a great resource to easily transform the decoration of a room in an economic way: geometric drawings.

The geometric motifs will help you give it a fresh air to any room without having to have a big budget. How? Using them in spaces and concrete elements to draw attention to them. And you can do it in different ways, using paint or betting on coatings or textiles with these patterns.

Geometric drawings on the wall

If you want to draw attention to a specific wall, draw large geometric shapes on it is a great alternative. We will not deny that a creative attitude is necessary to bet on this type of decoration and that doing so carries a risk but whoever does not risk does not win!

Pard with geometric drawings

This type of motif fits perfectly into modern and avant-garde environments. And you will not need the help of a professional to implement it in your home. Choose three or four colors, delimit the shapes with painter’s tape and paint comfortably to make them come true.

Are you thinking of smaller patterns and / or more elaborate shapes? So wallpapers and vinyls they become your best ally. In discreet pastel shades, striking neon, black and white colors … the options are many and for all tastes.

Pard with geometric drawings

And we forget about the coatings at Bezzia. The hydraulic tiles With geometric drawings, for example, they are a great tool for paving or covering any contemporary decorative project. They will add color and character to the bathroom or kitchen and at the same time protect the walls from moisture and dirt.

Furniture and accessories with geometric patterns

Don’t you dare to decorate large surfaces with geometric drawings? Then try furniture pieces Medium-sized. You probably have at home some outdated chest of drawers or a side table that has always seemed bland. Well, find in them an opportunity to improve the decoration of your home.

Furniture with geometric drawings

How? Painting these with the same technique that we have proposed to paint the walls. Trust us, with a coat of paint your furniture will look like new! You can also decorate them using vinyl, if you are afraid to screw up. Or bet on tiles or pieces of tile in vivid colors; without a doubt, one of our favorite options to decorate side tables.

Printed textiles

How many times have we already mentioned at Bezzia that a change of textiles can contribute to making your house look like another? Changing only your cushions for others with geometric drawings, the sofa and the bed will look like others. It is one of the cheapest ways to transform your home.

Bedding It is also a great ally. Whatever style you are looking for in your bedroom, you can achieve it with pieces with geometric prints. A white duvet cover with discreet black motifs is, for example, an ideal choice for a minimalist room. While if you want to give a bohemian touch to it, a quilt with colorful motifs will become the best choice.

Textiles with geometric pattern

The carpets they also play a very important role in the decoration of our home; bring warmth, color and character to any room. Today, thick, handmade carpets in light colors with contrasting geometric patterns are one of the most popular thanks to the rise of the Nordic style. But you will also find other thinner and washable with colored stripes ideal for decorating children’s spaces or with a lot of traffic such as hallways.

There are many ways to incorporate geometric drawings to our home. And all of them become a great tool to draw attention to a specific space or simply add a fun or colored note to it. Do you like these ideas to give a new look to your home? Which of them would you implement, without hesitation?

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