Give color to your rental house without enmity with the landlord

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Give color to your rental house without enmity with the landlord

Yes, it's true, the white walls are a bore. And if you are also a lover of color, living in a rented house where walls are normally not allowed to be painted, you will not be living for a long time, it can become frustrating. That's why from here we propose alternatives so you can fill the house with intense and vibrant colors, that show your personality, but without going through the (not-allowed) wall painting.

Read carefully and fill your house with color without becoming enmity with your landlord!

In the kitchen. It is not necessary to live with a kitchen that is bland and without personality due to the fact that you are renting. It's true that you can not make big changes, but you can always add a little bit of colour in the table. With a tablecloth in vibrant colors, combined lamps and outdoor chairs painted to match you can relive any kitchen no matter how bland it is.

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On the shelves. A very original solution for lovers of reading. If you have large amounts of books that you can group by colour, you will not only create a striking visual effect on the shelf, but you will put the books in the place they deserve for your visits.

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If you like to decorate with accessories, you can try placing several in different shades of the same colour randomly distributed by the bookshelf. This way you will get a natural result and nothing artificial.

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On the cushions. It is the easiest way to add colour to a house either in the bedroom, various chairs or on the living room sofa. They also have the advantage that, for easy and inexpensive, you can change them as many times as you want. For the living room, keep in mind that a sofa in neutral tones such as white, cream or gray is the one that will give you the greatest versatility to make these changes. colour.


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On the couch. It will brighten the room and become a highlight of the space as long as you combine it with cushions in neutral colors. In addition, you will continue to have a bit of versatility if you choose it in a colour solid before putting a stamped sofa.


In the furniture. A piece of furniture painted in a colour Cheerful and vibrant in contrast to the prevailing neutrality in a rented house, it will give you the touch of color and freshness you need. The options range from a new and already lacquered factory furniture, to an old or inherited piece that you can paint yourself. For this last, we advise you to try the trendy "chalk paint" or chalk paint.

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In the bathroom, changing textiles like towels, carpet and bathroom curtain is the most common decision when giving a touch of colour to the bathroom. But there are other options such as an improvised floral arrangement with freshly cut flowers that will provide colour and freshness to a bath without character.


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In the walls: A work of art in a colour intense is always a safe bet although, in this case, we opted for a solution that will make your children the undisputed protagonists of the space. Try to frame and hang your school drawings. A group arrangement and asymmetric will give you the colorful and impacting effect you need to animate the walls of your rental house.

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On the floor. The floors of the rental houses usually present the marks of the intensive use made by the multiple tenants over the years, so a carpet will come to you that neither painted. If you also choose it with cheerful and colorful tones, your house will be completely transformed.

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And you, are you living on rent? Do you tell us about your experience with decoration and colour?

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