Green color – Ideas to give freshness to your home starting with the lobby

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Decor : Green color – Ideas to give freshness to your home starting with the lobby

soft green color

Decorating with green color is an excellent option to give a touch of freshness to your home. It is a color that you can perfectly use from the entrance of your home. With this you will be able to make a good impression from the beginning. Most of the time the input is something that stays a little off.

green color interior decoration

But the truth is that we should give it much more attention, since it contributes a lot to the rest of the home. And with this we are not referring that it is functional only to hang coats or keep umbrellas. It is the area that welcomes us to our little oasis that is our home.

input green color

It is the area where your guests could be amazed at the feeling of tranquility or the elegance of your decoration. Of course, there are several ways to decorate this space, but we will focus on color. Typically, the entrance or hallway of most homes is white or light gray.

green color entrance house

But today, due to the trend that exists with ecological homes, the green color is dominating in homes. We will show you many ideas so that you can add freshness to your home from the entrance. We will also give you some simple combination tips. And at the same time we will talk to you about this beautiful green color that you will surely end up hugging.

green color combination

Both green paint, wallpaper and decorative items or accessories with this color, create a relaxing and cozy atmosphere. The green color provides balance and harmony in the environment. Because it is a color that is strongly linked with the exterior, it can be combined with other colors. And it won’t look out of place.

Cozy Green Accent Wall Decor at Home Entrance

green color ideas

The first thing you should ask yourself is which shade of green do you want and which would best suit your style or decoration. There are different shades of green, but shades such as light green, mint green and sage or sage green are perfect for entering your home.

green color tones

If you are one of the people who are much more inclined to the shades with a shiny finish, you should use them with caution and moderation. Especially in the entrances where there may be more natural light. Of course, it is also important that you make sure you can add or combine it with the next room that would be the living room.

green color small space

Well, one of the fastest and easiest ways to add a green color to your entrance and any other room in your home, is with the help of a wallpaper. Fortunately, the wallpaper has become very versatile and easy to handle. Today it is very easy to install and also to remove when desired.

Decorate the entrance with green floral patterned wallpaper

green color wallpaper

They are easy to maintain and clean. You do not have to be aware of painting or retouching your walls. And you can combine them with the rest of your decoration. There are also personalized ones where you can have the design, pattern and size you want.

green with orange

Of course also along this line, there are the personalized wall decals. Which you can also choose perfectly the theme of your decoration. Interior decoration with the color green has been shown to help greatly improve mood, while also fading negative emotions.

interior green color

The rooms with shades of green color feel very calm and relaxing. The light tones of the green color, supports self-improvement and growth. While darker shades drives a better understanding of feelings and values.

green color original decoration

Many times we see yellow and green combined, which symbolizes prosperity, optimism and a new beginning. In interior decoration where the color sage and olive are used, they are also linked to tranquility, relaxation, rest.

Cozy living room decor with green and brown color wallpaper

green color interior home

Whether it includes decorative accessories, wall paint, wallpaper. Curtains or upholstered furniture with this beautiful color is still associated with the aforementioned benefits. As you may already know, another easy way to add color is with paint.

green color living room

Of course, you don’t need to completely paint your entrance or any other room with this color. Of course, that will also depend on your taste. But the most recommendable thing is that you start with an accent wall. The shades of light green give the feeling of freshness, energy and a little more spacious places.

mint green color

Shades that are slightly yellowish like lime color are linked with freedom of movement and spaciousness. The latter work perfectly for children’s and teenage bedrooms. The combination of green and white is perfect for the entrance of your home and if you have some wood, the mix is ​​unique.

green color style

Wood could be through the floor, ceiling, or even with a shelf in your entryway. The mix of green with yellow produces a feeling of well-being and optimism. They combine very well although depending on which tones you use for your entry.

Green colored walls in perfect combination with wooden furniture

eye-catching green color

However, to decorate a baby or children’s bedroom a little larger they work very well. For the rest of the rooms or areas such as the living room or the kitchen, you should know how much to put in each color. As well as yellow, the combination of green and brown creates a very attractive and cozy color scheme for interior decoration.

green color entrance wall

This combination is also relaxing. And according to experts in color psychology, it helps improve communication and share new ideas. This combination is the favorite of many people for their bedrooms. Because they feel much more comfortable and it is a mixture that stimulates and likes a lot.

green color different patterns

They are two colors of nature which include tree branches, green leaves and earth. Of course you can mix these two colors either with paint or with accessories. You could put together a wall painted green or with a wallpaper, with the brown tones of wooden furniture, for example.

subdued green

This will undoubtedly make the room feel very cozy and quiet. The green and blue color scheme is not highly recommended for an entry, unless you know very well how to add them. However, for a bedroom it works very well.

Dark green wall combining with gold and brown elements

dark green color

The turquoise color with the green color is well appreciated, adding an attractive, modern and bright touch to the space. The turquoise color is the mixture of blue and green, which creates a calm and relaxing decoration. Turquoise colors are perfect for creating homey interiors that look more spacious, fresh, and pleasant.

green color simplicity

Without a doubt, the green color is very versatile. This can work with both soft and vivid colors. Soft pink, orange, yellow and even purple looks good. But we repeat that, you must be very careful with choosing the tone and combination for your entry. Unless you want to exaggerate and highlight that space a lot, although it doesn’t always look very harmonious.

green color tranquility

Really, it is difficult to be wrong with the color green. Interior designers consider this color to be extremely flexible. Interior decoration with the mix of gray and green is considered original and elegant. This soft combination for very simple, but at the same time is considered by experts as an elegant style.

beautiful decoration with green and blue color

room green color

It is a good combination for the living room, the kitchen. And also for the entrance or hallway of your home. The green color in any wall, without a doubt, can make the space feel full of energy and at the same time serene. It is a color that you can use in any corner of your home.

green color lobby

You can also incorporate natural elements such as plants to highlight your entrance a little more. But it is important to remember that although green is a color that calms and calms. It can also get a little overwhelming and oppressive if you exaggerate the decor with this color.

green color with wood

In general, the hall or entrance of your home is not such a large space with which you have a lot of freedom to play or experiment. If you are thinking of combining two tones on the same wall, and your space is a bit limited, then it is recommended that you keep the color lighter towards the ceiling.

contemporary green color

Keep in mind that the lighter shades of green can add a little depth in small spaces. While the darker shades add a touch of timeless elegance. But always taking into account the correct combination and addition.

green with white

green color floral details

green color decoration

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