Green mortgages: financing that rewards sustainability

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Decor : Green mortgages: financing that rewards sustainability

It is well known that banks and finance companies are increasingly aware of the environment and, therefore, their foundations are increasingly involved in sustainability. But their relationships with the environment are not only in their foundations, there is also a loan or mortgage option that has to do with this sustainable awareness. They are green mortgages, little known but increasingly widespread.

What are green loans or mortgages?

They are loans to remodel or buy a home that is energy efficient certified A +, A or B. That is, we can buy a home that already has this energy efficiency or we can remodel a house to meet these conditions. The banks will grant us a loan for the reform, or a mortgage for the purchase, with better conditions with respect to the interest assigned.

We can find a list of green mortgages in Financer, where they will inform us of all the banks that offer them.

green mortgages financing that rewards sustainability

These green mortgages will therefore be granted for homes that meet the criteria of sustainable architecture, either from its construction or with its subsequent remodeling. Be that as it may, the money that the bank grants us must go to homes that meet these characteristics.

What are the criteria for sustainable architecture?

The concept of Sustainable architecture is that construction that is respectful with the environment. There are many criteria that make this possible natural respect and that minimize environmental impactHowever, we can highlight some of the most important and that summarize the concept.

  • Optimization of natural resources

This means that the architecture must take into account the climatic conditions themselves, the hydrographic circumstances and the ecosystems that surround the building in order to obtain the maximum performance and create the least possible impact.

  • Reduction of energy consumption

The above feature achieves this reduction. Since, if we take advantage of natural, climatic and ecosystem resources, we can reduce energy consumption in heating or cooling. One of the easiest reductions to achieve is the light cost if the natural light conditions are taken into account, which, in addition, will also help the temperature inside the home.

  • Efficiency in the use of materials

If the right materials are used, the above characteristics can be enhanced. In addition, we can use non-polluting materials, even recycled, contributing to the sustainability of the natural environment.

These energy efficiency mortgages are still in the pilot phase, however, there are entities that already offer them.

Small actions for a sustainable use of energy

Of course, we already know that it is necessary to improve homes to achieve a responsible use of energy. In addition to the need for the environment, we must also do it for our own domestic economy.

Of course, you must always take into account the small daily steps, such as the use of light bulbs with good energy efficiency, obtaining spaces that are sufficiently sealed to maintain the ideal temperature or not having taps without hermetic closure or some other water leak .

These are small, everyday repairs that will go a long way toward achieving good energy efficiency in your home.

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