Grupo GUBIA’s bamboo bathes the common spaces of the CICCP in Madrid

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Decor : Grupo GUBIA’s bamboo bathes the common spaces of the CICCP in Madrid

Wood is a material that brings beauty to any project that uses it. Among all the types of wood that we can find, bamboo is acquiring great importance in recent years. Here in Spain, the GUBIA Group has become experts in its use. One of his latest works has been the remodeling of the College of Civil Engineers, Canals and Ports of Madrid. It has acted in two phases: using cladding techniques and wood carpentry.

Comprehensive reform of the lobby

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During the first phase, a comprehensive reform of the building’s lobby and Auditorium was carried out to adapt it to new technologies, as well as to renew its image and design, while betting on sustainability. For this, GUBIA bamboo has been key, given the environmental qualities of this material, as well as its durability and resistance.

The lobby of the building has been conceived as a bamboo box in which the floors, walls and ceilings are completely covered with this material. The access doors to the auditorium, the GUBIA flush fitting door system © model, have also been made of bamboo and are integrated into the walls going completely unnoticed. Walls and ceiling are covered with fireproof fiber boards finished with GUBIA BVCV bamboo veneer in measures of 2400x600mm.

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To meet the acoustic requirements of the auditorium, a bamboo slatted ceiling has been used, made up of fireproof boards finished in black on which 100x20mm slats are arranged with a separation of 10cm on the axis. On the perimeter, a smooth, lower ceiling is lowered by means of hidden metal profiles, facilitating the registration of facilities. For its part, the GUBIA BSF 15Cv bamboo floor, with 1950x96mm and 15mm thick slats, covers the 200m2 of the auditorium, extending to the lobby and the lateral exhibition hall. Here it is arranged as borders around the marble flooring.

The podium area and the rear platform, raised for the seating arrangement, are covered with the same material with massive bamboo board dividers that show the upper section of the material. Two tables and a lectern on the podium replicate the image of the acoustic ceiling, designed with bamboo slats.

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The second phase of the project has focused on a significant expansion of the space, annexing part of the surface occupied by the adjoining branch of Banco Caminos, which, from that moment, has become part of the College. This gives rise to two new common areas: a meeting room and a multipurpose space of more than 100m2.

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