Half of the homes in Spain built in the last 10 years are considered altered by noise

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Decor : Half of the homes in Spain built in the last 10 years are considered altered by noise

Despite the advance in construction materials, more than half of the Spanish homes built in the last ten years, affirm that noise affects them a lot or extremely. This is reflected in a survey carried out by TecniAcústica.

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The data from this survey have been very similar in most Spanish cities. In this survey, 84% of users have stated that they are satisfied with the quality of their home, but they have highlighted that the acoustic insulation leaves a lot to be desired.

Some results that highlight the need to continue advancing in this area, taking as a reference the European standards, which have a greater acoustic requirement. And it is that the alterations generated by noise in the house can cause its tenants, from changes in sleep to lack of concentration, irascibility or stress.

ATEDY and AFELMA recommend addressing acoustic problems effectively in building construction projects, designing and correctly executing those solutions that best suit and eliminating acoustic bridges; because the acoustic insulation of an already built building has an extremely high cost.

Although today there is no type of tool on the market that allows us to evaluate the acoustic performance of our home, currently we are working on the development of a standard for acoustic qualification of buildings (PNE 74201) that will allow qualify them according to their acoustic performance with a letter system similar to the existing one for energy certification. This system, whose approval is expected to become effective in the coming months, will undoubtedly be a reference document that will qualify the airborne noise conditions and impact between different spaces in the building from the letter A to the letter G.

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