Halloween Makeup Ideas For Men

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Halloween Makeup for Men

I keep thinking about Halloween parties and now I want to give you tips and ideas that go beyond decorating the house and have to do with “decorating” ourselves.

To think of Halloween is to think of pumpkins and witches, but the truth is that it is much more than that.

And since this is a party that we enjoy children and adults, men and women alike, this time I want to share many great ideas for Halloween makeup of the men of the house.

So take note of these easy, fun and creative ways to give them a very scary look for Halloween.

Halloween Makeup for Men

What will you need?

First of all, the idea is not to spend too much for a makeup that you will wear one night. So it is important that you gather all the material you have on hand and based on what you get, plan your makeup.

Generally, almost any design will work well with white paint, black eye pencils, dark shadows, and deep red lipsticks. If you have more elements, the better. You will be able to display all your creativity.

It will also be very useful to have liquid latex or some binding substance such as collodion or even paste that you can prepare with flour, water and glue. This will help you simulate injuries or give three-dimensional effects to the face.

Here we leave you some of the products that we have used for these makeups:

But keep in mind that a Halloween makeup for men can have more impact because of its simplicity.

In addition, men tend to have less patience to undergo large and laborious designs, they feel uncomfortable with too much makeup on their face due to lack of habit and also – not a minor fact – they tend to perspire more, so a very elaborate makeup could be ruined in a few minutes.

Don’t forget that you can always rely on accessories to help give your costume personality, so anything you have on hand could work for you.

Less is more

For men who do not want to load up on makeup or draw too much attention when going out, there are many discreet makeup that will also blow your friends away.

Like this apocalyptic look, for which you only need to apply dark shadow to the eye area and mark some scratches with reddish pencil. A three-day beard, messy hair, and a wardrobe that you can cut a few cuts in and you’ll look like something out of the Mad Max movie.


You can also put on makeup to look like yourself, but in a hundred years or so!

Old 1

You just have to apply a neutral base that smoothes and evens the tone of your face and make lines that resemble wrinkles with pencils in brown tones a little darker than your skin.

old makeup

Accentuate the lines around the eyes and on the lips. Add some talcum powder to your eyebrows and hair and voila! You will be a very real old man.

Old makeup 2Old makeup 4


Dark masks will always give your eyes a very mysterious air and they don’t require a lot of time or too much makeup. Mind you, make sure to apply a very light foundation and white powder all over your face first to make the contrast even more dramatic.

Mask 1mask 2Mask 3

And if you have a beard, the option of a pirate look is just a few strokes away.

pirate makeup

Your favorite characters

There are countless characters in horror movies that you can reproduce without too many complications. Or if. Everything will depend on your time and patience and if you have someone who can help you.

The werewolf, for example, is very easy. A real or fake beard, some makeup that resembles hairs on the forehead, pointed rubber ears and sharp fangs that you can find in any costume store. The rest will be a short, frayed pants and a lot of attitude. Aaauuuuuhhhhh !!!!


You can recreate the ice man with paste, white, silver and blue shadows for the eyes and white lipstick.

Ice man

If you have more time and help, here you will find a tutorial to make up like the Joker (The Joke): https://youtu.be/4Eaa7QaIVUg

the joke

Frankenstein is and always will be a Halloween classic …


More dramatic makeup

A good Halloween makeup for men is sure to include very pronounced skulls and shadows. The possibilities are endless, from the simplest to the most elaborate.

Dramatic Halloween 1Dramatic Halloween 2Dramatic Halloween 3Dramatic Halloween 4

Ventriloquist clowns and dolls

Nothing more frightening than a bad clown or a ventriloquist doll with very big eyes and an evil smile. They are makeup for men, very impressive and easy to do.

evil clownventriloquist dummy 2

Half face makeup

The idea is that they recognize you and at the same time admire the great work you accomplished. Plus, it will only be half the effort, time, and materials.

half face makeuphalf face makeup 2


This is a very popular men’s Halloween makeup lately. The effect is impressive and it will be even more so if you include the hair with the same comic effect painting it as well. Clothes play an important role; You should wear a shirt or tie that you can paint to match, or you can also opt for body painting.

Comic makeupComic makeup 2

Special effects

Science fiction is another widely used tool in Halloween makeup. Use plaster molds to make three-dimensional objects out of latex or rubber and glue to place them on your face and achieve a very, very real effect, whether with cuts, scratches or even horns.

special effects 1special effects 2special effects 3special effects 4

Here you will see a very detailed tutorial on how to create authentic and spooky horns: https://youtu.be/IMpSpfbjCp4

As you will see, the options are multiple. Any of them will make you look like a real horror character next Halloween. Have fun!

Van gogh

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