Hanging pots to give a green touch to your home

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Decor : Hanging pots to give a green touch to your home

Hanging planters

How many times have we talked to you about the benefits of including plants in our homes? In addition to purifying the air, plants help maintain indoor humidity and improve our general well-being. And the hanging pots They are an excellent choice to decorate our homes with these.

Hanging pots play a key role in small spaces. Unlike standing pots, these do not steal space from countertops or floors, thus favoring the saving of useful space. In addition, in combination with hanging plants, they provide a fresh air to any corner. And you can always adapt the style of hanging pots to that of your home, choosing from the many current trends.

Yes, the trends also reach hanging pots. Macrame is today a scarlet bundled to decorate spaces of natural and bohemian character, while metal pots with geometric shapes are among the favorites to decorate modern and minimalist spaces. But these are not the only trend alternatives. We discover them all below:

Hanging pots

Minimalist, with geometric shapes

The pots with metal elements They are one of the great decorative trends today. This type of pots generally have geometric shapes, with circles and triangles being the most common. They can be found in both matt black and metallic finishes such as gold or copper and they are usually anchored to the ceiling with metal cables or chains.

Metal planters

You will find designs also designed to be fixed to the wall. They can be a great decorative ally to decorate walls near a window that you don’t know how to decorate, don’t you think? Combine both ones and buttes with cacti, succulents or air plants and you will achieve the fashionable tandem.

White ceramic, with natural elements

White is a neat, clean and bright color that fits into any interior. Thus, the great variety of pots of this color that we can find in the market should not surprise us. Among all of them, however, those enameled with organic shapes are currently the most demanded. In combination with elements in leather or wood that give them warmth, these pots are a great option to give a distinctive note to any corner of our home.

White pots with wood or leather elements

Most of these pots or leather harnesses With which you can transform any white pot you have at home we have found them on Etsy. A space in which many artisans put their creative works on sale.

In macramé

Macrame is a great ally to be able to make hanging pots that we already have at home. Valencia, Tormos and Tarifa are the places where the macrame works that appear in images have been created and that you can buy on Etsy, but you can encourage yourself to make other simpler ones by following YouTube tutorials. A few years ago, neon colors were the protagonists of this type of pots, but today they are the natural colors the most demanded.

Macrame hangers

Hanging terrariums

Glass also takes on a leading role among trends. Terrariums made in Clear glass to achieve a total exposure of the plants to light, they are now hung from walls and ceilings, to bring a certain dreamlike air to our interiors.

Hanging terrariums

Beyond the plant that we decide to place in the terrarium, it will be necessary to take care of these other details so that the composition is aesthetically beautiful. The air plants sThey are the favorites to make this type of composition together with different types of sand and stones.

What type of hanging planter is the best fit for your home?

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