Headboards for an elegant bedroom

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Decor : Headboards for an elegant bedroom


The headboard is a important element in the bedroom. It is because it helps us draw attention to the main wall, the one on which we normally place the bed. And among the many alternatives, the headboards represent one of the most interesting.

In the smallest bedrooms and especially in these, a work headboard It provides you with that element of interest that is so necessary in this stay. In addition, these overlapping or integrated walls usually fulfill two functions, one decorative and the other functional by providing storage space.

The headboards are, generally, mid-height walls that superimposed or integrated into the main wall provide the bedroom with a storage surface. They do not take up a large space and allow us to decorate the bedroom in a simple and practical way. There are many advantages of installing them:

  1. They take up little space.
  2. They allow you to integrate the lights with ease.
  3. They provide you with storage space without the need to integrate any furniture.
  4. They are an eye-catching item.


Have we convinced you? Are you interested in construction headboards? If so, you will be interested to know that there is different types of headboards and that depending on the size of the room, the distribution of the furniture and your budget, one will be much more appropriate than the other. Get to know them!

Niche headboards

To create this type of work headboards it is necessary to raise a overlapping full septum to the wall. It will be in this where you can draw niches or niches that serve not only as a decorative element but also as a storage space for books, photographs or those that you need to have on hand at night.

Niche type headboards

It does not have to be a solid partition, it can be a false wall made with different materials that serves for this purpose. And if the bedroom is small and you find it difficult to incorporate a closet into it, why not create a hidden closet wall that frames the bed and creates the niche effect in the headboard area? You will only have to use different materials and colors in cabinets and headboard to draw attention to the latter.

Building this type of wall also has other advantages beyond allowing us to create storage space in the room in an elegant way. Allows us integrate lighting with ease, especially those supporting light points for reading

Overlapping headboards

Overlay a mid-height wall to the wall is all that is needed to create masonry headboards of this type. You can build it out of concrete and create small niches in it that serve as side tables. But also use wooden slats or planks and integrate the side tables as part of the headboard, thus achieving a sober and elegant style for your bedroom.

Work headboards

Both options will provide you with a top shelf In which you can place, if they are at the right height, photographs, plates or pictures. Decorative accessories that say something about you and help make this headboard the focal point of the room.

Divider work headboards

Is your bedroom a open space in which a dressing room, a work area or a bathroom are integrated in addition to the rest area? In these cases, the headboards can be used to effectively separate the different environments.

Divider headboard

Building a wall that does not reach the ceiling and using this as a headboard you will be able to separate the different spaces without feeling enclosed in any of them. In addition, you will allow the light from the windows to pass from one or another space.

At Bezzia we love the idea of ​​separating in this way, using work headboards, the bed in the closet area. And it is also a great idea when we do not have another space in which to put our work area, because in this way the light of whoever is working behind the headboard will not disturb anyone who tries to sleep.

Do you like construction headboards? They are a great way to create a point of interest in the bedroom, don’t you agree?

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