HI-MACS captures the origins of chef Martín Berasategui for his new restaurant in Mallorca

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Decor : HI-MACS captures the origins of chef Martín Berasategui for his new restaurant in Mallorca

The great chef Martín Berasategui has opened a new restaurant in Mallorca taking advantage of the arrival of summer. El Txoko de Martín is the name of this restaurant, a place where wood, iron, stone or ceramic elements play a very important role. To highlight the three large murals that have been made in HI-MACS acrylic stone where various sports practices are reflected.

The objective of the design of this restaurant is to create an environment where you can enjoy traditional avant-garde cuisine, but also friends and family in a close and warm environment.

Of course, the design of the premises had to be at the level of the product and service offered, and for this, three murals were devised, placed in different areas of the restaurant. The designs depict three different sports: traditional Basque rowing, Basque pelota and soccer, in honor of the sports and multidisciplinary youth of Berasategui in his native land. These murals, which attract the attention of the visitor as soon as they enter the door, have been made on HI-MACS acrylic stone®, in the Alpine White shade, through a complex but outstanding sublimation work.

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From Sublime Mallorca, a GrupConcord company and in charge of the design of the murals, they explain the sublimation carried out on the surface of HI-MACS® as a complex technique, through which it is achieved transfer a digital impression in the gaseous state to the acrylic stone, by means of a controlled submission of pressure and heat in special furnaces. Sublime Mallorca’s extensive experience in sublimation techniques has made it possible for the final design to remain seamlessly integrated into the material, making the result resistant, durable and ideal for places with a large influx of public. In addition, the HI-MACS acrylic stone® It offered some advantages that added an added value to the final result: a totally homogeneous surface free of pores, which ensured a perfect integration of the ink and a subsequent hygienic quality, as well as ease of cleaning; high resistance and durability in the face of the intense activity typical of a hotel business, and a completely smooth and pleasant finishing touch. “There are very few materials that can be molded like a tile and that manage to receive a thermal transfer image within its structure.”, Indicates the restaurant’s designer, Juan Chito, referring to the properties of HI-MACS®. Regarding the final aesthetic result and how it was possible to merge technique and material, he adds that “the convex sides and the application of a front coat of epoxy resins achieved the crackle and distortion effects that were sought in the decoration project”.

With a mural work at the height of the Berasategui kitchen, the interior of the restaurant also stands out for its modern but close decoration: the rustic textures in warm tones They offer a comfortable and cosmopolitan atmosphere. The location of the premises in Santa Catalina, an old fishing district and a fashionable place today, has led to a interior design that respects tradition and history from the emblematic area where it is located. Thus, merging Berasategui’s love for Mallorca and his Basque origins, in ‘El Txoko de Martín’ the wood used in ceilings, the decorative details in natural colors such as greens and blues, and the pictures on the walls with photographs of the Family of the chef and also of the restaurant where he was born and grew up in the kitchen.

With a space for 200 diners and divided into a main room, a private room and a terrace, the new restaurant with the Berasategui seal in Mallorca promises to become a culinary and leisure meeting point par excellence, with a traditional avant-garde gastronomic proposal and in a space full of tradition and remembrance of the origins.

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