Historic building converted into a sustainable management tourist apartment

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Historic building converted into a sustainable management tourist apartment

In Tarragona we can find the Melchor Lloveras Venas House, a historic-artistic building from 1861 that is the current Port Plaza Apartments. This establishment has been rehabilitated where tradition and modernity have been combined. A project that has allowed the restoration of a 19th-century building with historical-artistic protection, adapting it to current requirements through the use of sustainable systems.

They guarantee the commitment of Port Plaza Apartments for the sustainable management of its tourist apartment complex. certification BREEAM ® ES (only complex of these characteristics in Tarragona), the carbon footprint (with an emission of only 2 kg of COtwo by mtwo per year) and its Type A energy rating. Specifically, Breeam® is the world's first sustainable building certificate and provides significant economic benefits, reduces the impact on the environment and provides greater comfort and health for those who live, work or use the building.

Cozy, safe and sustainable accommodations

This establishment belongs to the Blaumar Group, a brand that includes a real estate group of a patrimonial nature that has reaffirmed its commitment to the rehabilitation and sustainable management of its assets. The implementation of the building's sustainable systems is distributed in three blocks:


Within this block we find:

  • Hot water: Hot water is achieved through a solar energy system and an aerothermal heat pump system with an A + efficiency, producing 33% of the energy needed to heat the water.
  • Air conditioning: Reversible heat pump (air / air) system, from which maximum energy efficiency is obtained.
  • Air ventilation: 24h air treatment and renewal system, which adapts autonomously the renewal speed according to the parameters of its probe that analyzes the air quality. With this system the concentration of Co is reducedtwo filtering the air continuously without opening the windows for it.
  • Lighting and energy efficiency: the apartments are equipped with a switch at the entrance that allows a total on and off of the energy systems. The lighting is LED with 27000k warm light, since the warmer the light, the better the segregation of melatonin, the sleep hormone, which will contribute to a more relaxing and healthy stay for the user. In addition, all lighting in common areas has presence sensors, which can be turned on when necessary.

Water consumption

Port Plaza Apartments has flow restrictors installed in the sink and sink faucets to guarantee a maximum flow of 6 l / min, while the shower faucets guarantee a maximum flow of 9 l / min. A measure that saves 3 l / min in sink and shower. Likewise, the apartments have remote management counters so that the consumption information is available in real time in order to intervene if the system warns of excessive consumption, attributable to water leaks or open taps.

Recycling waste

Taking into account that each Tarragona city generates an average of 1.5 kg of waste per day, the city council has implemented a Municipal Waste Management Plan in order to optimize the selective collection and reduce its volume. A system to which Port Plaza Apartments can be perfectly accommodated, since in front of the apartment building there is a battery of containers for organic matter, containers, paper / cardboard, glass and special waste (for which the establishment itself provides containers for users who request it).

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