Holds doors, essential to ventilate without slamming doors

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Holds doors, essential to ventilate without slamming doors

Hold doors

Air daily Each of the rooms is essential to renew the environment and avoid health problems. The most effective is to open the doors and windows of the whole house so that currents are formed. And so that when doing so the doors do not close at once it is advisable to use fasteners.

10 minutes is enough in winter to properly ventilate a house. 10 minutes in which slamming doors can break our peace of mind if not We use subject doors. Chairs and shoes usually serve as a makeshift door fastener, but isn't it more practical to use an item specially designed for this function? Beyond practical it can also become an element to give character and personality to a stay.

We can divide the door fasteners into two categories, based on the system they use to block the door. The wedge door fasteners are a classic, but not all can be used on all doors. Another option is to bet on those who use their weight so that the door does not close; They are more versatile and you can find them in numerous materials.

Hold wedge doors

We cannot say that all wedge door fasteners are classic. They are those made of cast iron with decorative elements inspired by nature that for years were part of numerous homes to which they brought a touch of elegance, as well as those carved in rustic wood.

Today we can find replicas of those, but also modern designs made with New Materials to adapt them to the new times. When buying some and others we will have to pay attention to the thickness of the wedge and take into account the height of our doors. Their designs usually adapt to standard doors, but it is worth checking.

Hold doors with weight

Your weight locks the door when it moves due to an air current avoiding the slamming doors when we ventilate. A weight that, however, does not prevent us from easily moving them from one side of the house to the other. The bag-shaped textile doors are the most popular, however, in recent years, those made of concrete has become a trend. And these are not the only alternatives.


The bags made of tweed fabric they have been imposed on ready-made canvases in recent years. They are, without a doubt, the most popular among the subject textile doors next to those with cactus shape, ideal to give a more youthful and fun air to any room.

Wood, metal and concrete

Today it is possible to find subject doors made of a wide variety of materials, with wood, metal and concrete being the most popular. The first are presented with square and rectangular shapes, being able to customize many of them adding a name, a motivating message… Because they are made of wood, they bring a natural and warm touch to our home.

As with those made of wood, the metal-made door fasteners are mostly wedge-type, although it is possible to find a good number of weights, like the one we propose, with different designs and sizes. More current are the subject concrete doors. Your designs with geometric forms They have conquered those looking for industrial environments or sabby chic.


The market offers us an infinity of subject doors with dog shape, rabbit, whale, swan or unicorn, among other animals, which are ideal for holding the door to the children's bedroom. In neutral or vivid colors, they will be liked by the little ones and will mark the entrance to their territory.

As you can see, there are many options for avoid slamming doors at home when it comes to airing. Made of fabric, wood, concrete, marble ... It will not be difficult for you to find a door fastener that you like and that, in addition to being practical, contributes to giving each room a personal touch.

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