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Decor : Home Storage Tips

Home storage

A well tidy house is always a better home, since the clutter makes the decoration not flow or stand out in any way. When it comes to keeping that order, the furniture and storage details are a key point, because they help us to have everything in its place.

To have good storage furniture is key in order to enjoy a nice and well-ordered space, so we should take this into account. If we want a home in which to feel comfortable, storage is a very important part.

Modular furniture

Modular furniture

Modular furniture is one of the best ideas you can use to enjoy the best order at home. This type of furniture is great because they adapt to what we need. Modular furniture is built by modules that are added according to space and need. That is why they are highly recommended if we want to create special storage areas. We like modular cabinets and shelves, as they are perfect for living rooms, pantries and also for the bedroom or to create a dressing room. In addition, if you need more storage, we can always add shelves and modules as we need it.

Removable drawers

When it comes to picking up things and seeing everything we have stored in the drawers and shelves of the shelves it’s always better to have a removable format. If the shelf is deep and we cannot remove the modules, we run the risk that in the background we always have things that we do not see and that we forget. That is why it is a great idea to use this type of furniture. Thus we will always keep in mind everything that is stored and we will give you more output.

Take advantage of all the space

In places like the kitchen or the dressing room, if the ceilings are high, we may have gaps upwards without taking advantage, since we have a tendency to put furniture up to heights that they are accessible to us. But it is good to take advantage of all the space we have, up to the ceiling. Obviously, in the highest areas we will put what we use the least, but this way we will not leave a space area without taking advantage.

Platform with drawers

In the bedroom area we can do something very original. Use a platform on which to put the bed. Under this platform we will have huge drawers in which we can store everything. From blankets and bedding to seasonal clothing that we do not use. It is a great idea to add a little more storage in the bedroom. It elevates the area in which we put the bed but in return gives us large surfaces to store things, something that can be very necessary if our bedroom is not very large.

Use baskets and boxes

Storage baskets

We should not only think about the type of furniture we use and that these have great functionality. In occasions it is also important that we get accessories so that the storage inside the furniture is much more practical. You can use, for example, baskets and boxes, as well as other types of dividers to get everything in its place. This is very important in the case of children’s spaces, since the boxes help them to keep the space clean, since they can collect things themselves and put them in the corresponding boxes.

Everything in its place

Home storage

It is important that when keep spaces ordered let’s have a place for everything. Towels in the laundry area, clothes in the dressing room and so on. If each thing has an assigned place it will be easier for us to have everything ordered more quickly.

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