Home vertical garden – 4 tutorials to create an original decoration –

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Decor : Home vertical garden – 4 tutorials to create an original decoration –


Today we propose the idea of ​​decorating the house with a home vertical garden. Hanging gardens are becoming increasingly popular as plant enthusiasts look to save valuable floor space by hanging their plants from the ceiling on the wall. The idea of ​​getting a home vertical garden is not only practical, but it is also a great way to spice up your interior décor. Sure, you could hang your plants from ceiling hooks, but there are endless possibilities when it comes to creating a hanging garden, so why not have fun checking out the ones we’ve chosen for you. Enjoy these unique ways you can create a homemade vertical garden in your home.

The first idea we come up with is a potted herb garden. You can build a fun little shed in your backyard in the summer and move your vertical herb garden into the kitchen in the winter. So if you need to be smart about how you use your space, our advice is to go vertically with some herbs – it’s the perfect project for anyone else with a limited amount of patio space or no patio at all.

Home-outdoor vertical garden

-A roll of special weed cloth
-Copper tube
-sewing machine
-straight pins
-cotton rope
-herbs of your choice
-floor for pots

Home vertical garden options-house

Sew the side with the straight pins to allow space from the edge. Remove the pins when you are done.

Measure the fabric down from one of the short edges of your fabric. Then fold the fabric up to create a crease. This creates the first of the five pockets. Make sure the fold is folded evenly across the width, and stick a pin on each side of the top of the pocket so that it goes through all three layers of fabric. Glue two more straight pins just above the bottom of the pocket so that it goes through all three layers of fabric. You will be able to feel this from the top of the fabric.
Remove your ruler and measure down from the top of the pocket you just made. Fold another fold to just below on your ruler. Repeat the process of adding straight pins to the top and bottom of this second pocket.
Continue with these steps of measuring down from the top of the front pocket and folding up to the mark until you have 5 pockets or almost run out of fabric.

vertical-garden-home-options-put outside

Home Vertical Garden – How To Make Your Own Hanging Pots

It has old pots that are of very good quality but they look worn. Today we offer you the ideas of giving them a new life or simply buying some pots to decorate your home but that you do not like when you see them at home. So, be inspired to change them. Mix up some custom colors, using your home paint supply.


Although you may not have all the colors in the sun right now and there are a lot of small cans you can use for projects like these (and just about everything really) due to the durability and matte finish.
Once you have your colors mixed, paint each pot with 1 coat of paint. I waited about 30 minutes for the paint to dry completely and did some touch-ups where needed.



Next, cut long chunks from thick string, add some washi tape to each end to make it easy to thread the top into each hole. Once the two strings are through, tie the long pieces at the top in a strong double knot. That’s.


It is normal to think about how to reuse objects that you have at home or decide whether to recycle or keep the container of some product to reuse it. Start by removing the cap (and throwing it away, because they are not recyclable) and rinsing the empty bottle next, you’ll want to remove the label and can get rid of any residue left with rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball. Next, cut off the top of your bottle – use super sharp scissors or a utility knife to get the straightest edge possible.

Home vertical garden made with recycled materials


Even if you are simply recycling your bottles, be sure to always rinse them before recycling! Using a hole puncher, poke a hole on each side of your bottle for the thread. If you have a hole punch for leather use it, but a real hole punch for paper would work too if you have the strength. You can use the paints you have left from the pots from the previous tutorial and paint your bottle.


Thread some suede, leather or twine (whatever your style!) Through the holes and knot on both sides to fit a small plant, just squeeze the bottle and you can drop a small succulent inside. Hang on some hooks or nails and you have some really cute accent pieces.


Let’s go for some more difficult ideas but it’s fun. You can put your own twist on this project.
First, you must build the box. Then sand and finish the pot before moving on. Be sure to use an exterior grade finish to protect the wood from moisture. Once the pot is dry, line with garden cloth, fill with cactus potting mix, cover the soil with more garden cloth, and then staple the wire mesh to the top.

Home vertical garden for succulents


Buy the plants that you like the most there is an incredible selection of succulents and I was crazy about plants.

To create your pot you will need a zipper to cut the boards. You can simply hold the boards in place, mark them, and then cut them to fit instead of using a tape measure. Now that the pot is ready, it’s time to add the plants! you will have to make holes in the fabric and insert the succulents as best you can. You may need to cut some wire to make room.





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