How to choose a good moving company

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Decor : How to choose a good moving company

After months of searching for the perfect home or building your new home with the architectural style you’ve always dreamed of, it’s time to move into your new home!

We know that, especially after a few years of accumulating objects and with the increase of the family, moving can be quite a complicated event. Unhappily, choosing the wrong moving company can turn this experience into chaos and involve a greater expenditure of time and money. Imagine, for example, that an appliance breaks!

To improve your day, and make reading more optimistic from now on, we want to emphasize that there are ways to be sure that you choose the right moving company for you. We explain it to you in four main points.

Find a moving company according to your type of need

If you are moving to a house within the same city, it is completely different than if you are changing autonomous community or even moving to another country. Some companies are specialized in certain types of moves, which implies a considerable reduction of risks.

We propose you some questions to ponder and to ask the moving companies:

  • If this is your case, does the company make moves to other autonomous communities or countries? ¿Has experience in this type of move?
  • Are there objects that require special equipment or skills for your transportation? Like pianos, pool tables, hot tubs, etc.
  • Will other services such as packing, cleaning or removal of furniture and / or appliances to the clean point?

Find potential companies and evaluate their profiles, documentation and comments from previous clients

For your move to go smoothly, it is best to contact several companies, explain all the details of the move and carefully analyze their profiles. Also analyze the comments of previous clients. This is possible, for example, on the Zaask platform, by consulting its pages of Removals Madrid and Removals Barcelona. Choose the company or professional that best suits what you need and that has the necessary experience.

Even more important is that you certify that the company has license and necessary insurance to get the job done.

Request a detailed estimate from the chosen moving company

After analyzing the various moving companies and choosing your favorite, it is important that you ask for a detailed budget. Explain everything that you want and that is necessary to know to carry out the work, from going up to the tenth floor to remove a bed that does not fit in the elevator, to requesting a permit to park while loading the truck, or if a crane will be needed elevator. In this sense, it will be much easier to schedule a visit to your home by professionals, who will know how to evaluate all these details in the best possible way to give you a more accurate budget.

Anyway, all this must be included in the budget so there are no unforeseen events or unpleasant surprises. It is better to be honest and detailed to have the best price and quality, since otherwise it will take more time and money to solve problems at the same time.

Some aspects that you should pay attention to because they are potential negative signals are:

  • Budget too low. If any of the companies offer you a budget that is too low compared to the rest, it may not be a good sign. The company in question may have misunderstood the dimension of the move, for example. It could also indicate a lack of professionalism or legality.
  • Deposits too high. The vast majority of moving companies only request full payment for the service after the work is completed, so we advise you to opt for this modality. However, and for various reasons, it is also common for a part of the budget to be paid in advance. Even so, said deposit should not be more than 20%. In the event that you opt for a company that requests an advance, always pay with a credit card or by transfer and never in cash, since if there is a problem, it will be easier to have proof or resolve the problem with the bank.
  • Lack of professionalism. If you have noticed that the company has not been professional enough (due to delays in submitting the budget or some condescending treatment) avoid hiring it, even if it is the one that offers the cheapest move. Also verify that the company has a business address.

Put everything in writing

Chosen company? Excellent. Before moving in, request a contract to have everything in writing. In this way, you can have the guarantee that both parties are aligned and have understood the situation and all the details of the move. Confirm that following information is present, or request information about them:

  • Total price, specifying if it includes VAT.
  • When the payment is due and in what way.
  • How the possible extra costs will be calculated and treated.
  • What is the company’s insurance, what does it cover and what compensation does it guarantee.
  • Material and number of people who will be involved in the move.

Beyond these tips, choose the company that transmits the most confidence to you. If you have really valuable objects and it gives you greater security, also choose to hire a insurance with greater coverage in case of incidents, even if it involves an extra cost.

We hope this article can help you make a more conscious choice when choosing a moving company. Enjoy your new home!

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