How to choose rugs for your interior: 5 useful tips –

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Decor : How to choose rugs for your interior: 5 useful tips –


Today we share with you some useful tips on the choice of carpets for the different rooms of the house. To know what to look for when choosing the perfect model. Decide on the texture and size of the mat, choose the right color and pattern. A carpet is a decoration of a room that should bring comfort, warmth, pleasant tactile sensations and noise absorption. It only remains to choose it correctly. Gone are the days when rugs proudly adorned the walls and covered the entire floor of the rooms, wall to wall. Today the approaches to design and execution have changed, but beautiful, high-quality rugs are still in vogue. We found out how to choose the right mat, what material to give preference to, what should be the pile, pattern, size and shape.

How to choose rugs for your interior: 5 useful tips


Tip 1: Decide which room to choose a rug for

Decide in which room you need a mat to lay and what your accent colored paper will be or a dose of comfort. Bedroom, Living Room, or Dining Room – The rug in each of these rooms should be different in size and texture. A thick pile product is perfect for a bedroom or living room, but that hallway or dining room mat is not the best choice. Choose short pile rugs for these rooms as they will not make cleaning an overwhelming burden.


Tip 2: Pay attention to the composition of the product

When choosing the mat itself, remember that not only shape and color should be ideal – performance and quality characteristics are equally important. Natural rugs are soft to the touch, look solid and luxurious. But be aware that they are susceptible to discoloration and abrasion, and can also be an ideal environment for dust mites.

Synthetic rugs are the cheapest option both in price and in a variety of colors. But although they are easy to clean, they will not be able to serve you a long service: they quickly lose their appearance and wrinkles.

Think about your lifestyle and how often you can clean up. If you have children and pets in your home, choose the most practical ones. A small mat made of artificial or mixed materials is the best option.


Natural rugs

The following types of rugs are natural:

Wool rugs. These are warm, pleasant to the touch products that retain heat well, absorb sound, hardly absorb moisture and resist fire propagation. Wool dyes worse than synthetics, so natural rugs will not have bright colors. The disadvantages of wool rugs are the high price and the ability to accumulate a static charge, so they are not suitable for allergy sufferers. Wool is susceptible to moth damage and mold, but modern special impregnations reliably protect the product. Durability up to 50 years. Wool rugs are mainly produced from sheep wool. There are goat and camel hair options, but these are quite exclusive products.


Silk rugs are even more expensive than wool rugs, but they are incredibly durable, with a pleasant surface and characteristic shine. Beautiful detailed patterns are created from fine threads. Silk rugs are treated like works of art, so they are not placed on the floor.

A cotton-to-touch rug is even softer than wool, absorbs moisture well and lets air through. For allergy sufferers, such products are not scary, they are easy to clean, but over time they can deform, wrinkle and shrink, especially if used in rooms with constantly high humidity. Wool threads are usually added to cotton threads, which only improves quality;


Rugs made from animal skins look spectacular in some interior styles, have high thermal and acoustic insulation, but require constant care. They generally use cowhides, less frequently: wild boar or bear. Much more often, artificial imitations of animal skins are used in apartments: it is not less beautiful, but more practical and ecological;
Leather rugs are not widespread, but they can find application in a certain interior style. They are made of leather pieces, the products are easy to care for, but not durable;

Bamboo rugs play a purely decorative role in the interior, since their surface is hard. Perfectly suited to the eco-friendly and exotic style of the interior, they are wear-resistant, but cannot withstand constant exposure to moisture.


Tip 3: Choose the correct carpet size

Before going to the store for a new rug, measure the area of ​​the floor you want to decorate with it. A small model will help emphasize the necessary areas. For example, there will definitely be a place for such a carpet in the living room near the fireplace. But compact size is far from always appropriate – if you’re going to lay the bed on the rug, make sure the product sticks out further. For the living room, choose a rug of a size that is wider than the sofa and covers the entire sofa area.


Tip 4: Find the perfect shape

The shape of the carpet, as well as its size and color, has a great influence on the perception of the interior of the room. Therefore, we think, calculate and weigh which shape is the right product for your home. An oval or round rug is ideal for decorative purposes. Place it in the center of the room, near the sofa or window area; Accents will be placed in the right place.If you want to zoning a room, you need one or more square rugs.


Tip 5: Decide on the color and pattern

To create an interesting visual effect, become a bright accent in the interior or complement it harmoniously; With the correct carpet color scheme, you are sure to get the desired result. Does a neutral room seem boring and too quiet? Then you need a shiny carpet. Complement it with accent pillows in the same color scheme for a fresh and delightful living room in your home.

If moderation and serenity are your creed, a rug with a classic, uncomplicated pattern will work best. The main thing is to choose the correct color of the product – it should be combined with the color scheme in the room, but not to be missed. A difference of various shades is not only acceptable, but necessary. Otherwise, your new carpet will be lost and will not perform all of its functions.











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