How to choose the colors for the rooms

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Decor : How to choose the colors for the rooms

Choose colors

The choice of the tones that will be predominant In our home it is something very important, since it is a palette that we are going to see every day and that should set the spaces. Today, the neutral tones that come from the Nordic style are very popular, but there are many more ideas that we can be inspired by.

It is important to think about what colors to choose for our stays before launching ourselves to buy things. If we are very clear about what type of colors we are going to put then we will know exactly what to buy and we will not spend in vain.

Use neutral tones

Neutral tones

One of the easiest ways to decorate a space and that everything combines is to use the great neutral tones. These types of tones are white, beige, gray or black that go with everything. It is better to use light nude tones to give light to the spaces, since we do not want the rooms to appear smaller. This is why black and dark gray should be used very sparingly. What the Scandinavian style has taught us is that with these tones we can achieve very elegant environments that also have a serene touch. The light is multiplied with the whites, so that we enjoy bright environments. In addition, touches of color can be easily added to these types of tones to vary the decoration. Feel free to paint the walls white to enjoy an easy-to-decorate space.

Pastel shades

Pastel shades

Pastel colors can be a great choice for the home. They are soft colors that give light and at the same time we provide that touch of color that you like so much. Pastel colors are soft, although we should not use more than two that combine well. These colors have also become very popular thanks to the Scandinavian style. They are tones that go well for any environment and that are also a trend.

No more than three colors

Choose the shades

When it comes to adding shades in your home, we recommend sticking to no more than three colors. In these three colors one must be the protagonist, another secondary and another appear only in small brushstrokes. It is a simple rule that helps us avoid adding too much color and then disharmony in the spaces. This idea is perfect for any environment and allows us to decorate more easily.

Get inspired by color palettes

Bright colors

On the web you can find how combine different color palettes, with hundreds of ideas. There are shades that always go well together so look for inspiration and discover combinations that may be suitable for you. You do not have to know about colors because in the inspirations you will already see which ones combine well and which ones do not. A simple rule is to choose similar tones, that is, if you take soft tones that are all in that line, even if they are different colors.

Beware of prints

Colors and patterns

There are patterns that can make us fall in love, but they do not always combine well with the idea we have in mind. If we find it difficult to combine colors, it is better to avoid prints or stick to those that are simpler, that is, those who use one or two shades only, such as plaid, striped or polka dot. If they have too many shades we will be complicating ourselves too much. This type of pattern would be an option if we have chosen very simple environments with neutral tones and we want to put a note of color.

Strong tones

Strong tones

In the vast majority of cases, strong tones are not recommended because they subtract light and become more tiring than soft tones, which provide serenity. But if you like this type of tones use them sparingly. You should use them for example in textiles, in some cushions or in small details such as vases.

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