How to clean a tile floor well

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Decor : How to clean a tile floor well

Tile floors if well cared for can last a lifetime. Best of all, they require little maintenance. All you need to keep the floor clean and shiny is warm water, a little soap or cleaning product, and a cloth.

A tile floor has to be swept or dry vacuumed at least twice a week. This way you will be able to eliminate the remains that are on the floor that can dull the good finish of the tile. Wet cleaning or scrubbing the kitchen tile floor every two weeks and in the bathroom once a week. Clean the grout once every two to three months.

How to clean ceramic or porcelain tile floors

The most common tile, ceramic and porcelain floors are easy to maintain, although it is often difficult to see the accumulation of dirt underfoot. To clean ceramic or porcelain tile, use almost any type of cleaner, whether it’s all-purpose, dish soap, or plain white vinegar; they won’t scratch or fade easily.

  • Sweep or vacuum the floor. You have to make sure you get to the corners which is where dirt accumulates. A microfiber duster easily collects dust.
  • Cleaner and warm water. Dip the mop in the warm water with the cleaner. Squeeze out the excess water, so it’s damp and not soggy.
  • Run the mop across the floor in smooth, even strokes. Follow a pattern as you go across the room, so you don’t lose an inch of the floor.
  • Change the water regularly. As you rinse the mop or rag, the water will naturally become cloudy. Pour in the dirty water and refill regularly to avoid leaving a hazy film of dirt on the tile. If you’re done and notice that haze, create a mixture of white vinegar and hot water and wipe the film with a damp cloth to remove it.
  • Clean the grout. Spray the grout with a specific grout cleaner or mix in a bleach solution (with gloves, so you don’t get bleach on your hands). Let it sit for a few minutes and then rinse it off.
  • Dry the floor with a clean cloth. If your tile is prone to water stains, dry it with a clean cloth immediately after scrubbing.

How to clean marble or natural stone tile floors

Marble, slate, or granite tile floors can be cleaned in much the same way as porcelain and ceramic tiles, but with a few caveats:

  • Use a soft bristle broom when sweeping natural stone tile floors, as they scratch much more easily than ceramic and porcelain.
  • You have to make sure you use the right type of floor cleaner: Slate and marble tiles cannot take anything acidic like vinegar, while granite tiles need a mild neutral pH detergent to prevent discoloration.

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