How to compose a decorative collage with several paintings

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How to compose a decorative collage with several paintings

One of the most popular trends when decorating spaces, such as the wall behind the living room, is to place pictures of different sizes. But, what a priori may seem easy, when you get involved, it's much harder than it seems. If you have already tried and it has not worked out as you expected, calm down, we will bring you the solution. In this article we give you some tips on how to compose a decorative collage with several paintings.

If you want to know how to make a photo collage, The first thing you have to do is choose the photos that you are going to put on the wall. That is, family photos, the photos you took on that special trip, the photos of that event you attended, your collection of art prints ... It is important to know in advance the photos to be placed to know the number of paintings to be placed, as well as its colors and textures. This information will help us compose the collage.

These types of compositions take up a lot of space, toyes make sure you place the pictures on a wide wall. Avoid small rooms or walls that already have furniture and do not match what you want to implement as much as possible.

The next step is choose picture frames. Nor do you have to go crazy, but if you are one of those who have a TOC with order, I suggest you acquire all the frames of the same style. However, I prefer to have frames of different shapes and textures. Do not worry about how they will all look together, there is also an order within the chaos.

Before you start making holes, his thing is to pose the composition on paper. Do not start to make crazy holes and then discover that you do not like the composition. Remember, the holes are forever and you don't know if you will regret the result. As they say in my land "it is better just in case, than a who would give", so grab pencil and paper, and plan that composition of pictures first.

Some tips on the composition:

  • Think about the height of the eyes and apply the composition based on that
  • Play with sizes and different heights
  • Remember that in the same frame you can include two photos
  • Try to keep the space between frames always the same
  • Aren't you very creative? That's what the Internet is for! Search Google «picture frame wall display template» and apply it to your wall

Once you have the design of your composition, take a large cardboard and cut out those shapes that you have made on the paper but in real size. Now take adhesive and paste those clippings on the wall following the composition you have made. When you have gone several times to see how it looks (we all do it) and are satisfied with the result, you can start making the holes. Eye, you don't have to remove the cardboard from the wall, you can make the holes on the cardboard. This will be easier for you.

Now it is only the simplest, remove the cards, place the scarps and hang the different pictures. Enjoy your collage of paintings.

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