How to create a home office

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Decor : How to create a home office

Home Office

The home office is nowadays an idea that almost everyone uses, either to do small jobs, to study or to do the house accounts. It is a corner that can be very ours but that must be thought so that we can work at ease and comfortable. It must be functional but also beautiful at the same time, so the decoration is also an important point in this case.

We’ll see how to decorate a home office, with some important points that may be useful to you. The home office is always a workplace but it is still our home and therefore it must be highly comfortable and should match the style of the home.

Choose the style

The first thing we should think about is what kind of style will we be choosing for our office. Today, Scandinavian-style offices are very popular, using furniture in simple shapes, light tones, lots of white and light wood, with natural touches and charming decorative details. If it is an industrial style office we will use metal chairs, dark wood tables and some metal classifier. For a better classic, a wooden cabinet that can also be vintage. That is, when adding things we must always start from a style in which we can add functional pieces and own details.

Use few shades

Shades for the office

An office should be a place that is suitable for work and is not too distracting. That is why it is recommended to use few tones and that these are not too striking. They prevent our nervousness from increasing and also that we get distracted when doing homework. It is always better to use white and pastel shades. With a blank base we can add touches of color that give a little joy to everything but without going overboard.

Add some plants

It is true that a relaxing atmosphere is necessary for an office where you have to work long hours. So it is also recommended to add plants, since they are good for our well-being although we do not notice it directly. Using the plants to color and also to give a little joy is a great idea for our home office, as it will seem a much more pleasant place.

Wall calendar

Calendar on the wall

If there is something we can do is add a wall calendar or a cork. This space must be useful and we can put something decorative on the walls, but it will always be much more useful to have a detail that helps us organize. We like metal pieces on which to hang things and also wall calendars can be used to decorate.

Good lighting

Office with light

It is true that you cannot work well if we don’t have adequate light. The best idea is to work in daylight and put the office near a window. But not everyone can afford this so it is also nice to have lighting alternatives to add. A good lamp or spotlights to have an illuminated space is something that may be necessary. If we choose the lamps well they can become decorative elements.

Storage area


In an office we may not need space to store and our work may make it necessary. This is up to everyone, since the Job needs may be different. If we have paperwork to keep we can always add a few shelves or small shelves on the desk. In this way we will have enough storage to have everything well ordered.

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