How to create a more natural decoration in your home

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Decor : How to create a more natural decoration in your home

Natural decoration

The natural is trend, since we are at a time when we look again in nature to find the essential. Decorations that are not only inspired by nature but also help to take care of the environment are those that seem to be the future of our homes.

We’ll see how to create a more natural decoration in our home with different ideas. If you like to feel contact with nature in your home, you are in luck, since it is a growing trend. In addition, the natural touch always helps us create a more welcoming environment.

The shades

home decoration

One of the first things you should keep in mind if you want to create a space that breathes naturally is that you must take good care of the tones. The most natural tones are those of materials such as wood or wicker, which do not use chemical dyes. But we can also use shades such as white, neutral colors or even green and blue, which are always related to nature. Colors that are too intense or less common in nature can break that style.

Use natural materials

Natural decoration

Natural materials are going to be your great allies, not only because of their tones but also because they provide an unmatched natural touch. If you can also use materials that have been reused the result will be even better. Wood can be one of them, with woods in light tones, since they are the trend of the moment. On the other hand, we have wicker, which has recently become fashionable and is becoming a trend again. We can find from wicker chairs to lamps. Raffia is also interesting, as there are also beautiful rugs made of this material.

Natural light

Another element that cannot be missing in a home that wants to have natural air is undoubtedly natural light. It is important to try to have windows at home if we are still thinking about the work, but if not, we should at least emulate good natural light with lamps so that the spaces are bright and pleasant. Try to use tricks like using white to give space or mirrors to reflect that light that comes through the windows.

Add natural plants


Plants are another element that should never be missing in a space where we want naturalness to reign. If possible, use plants that are natural, although artificial ones today are very successful. But the natural plants will always provide a scent and a touch much more special. In feng shui we always talk about plants, since they help us relax and renew energy. You can use only the green tones or add some with flowers to give more color to your spaces. In a natural environment you cannot miss the detail of the plants.

The small details of the environment

Natural details

Once we have chosen the tones and the most important details such as the furniture, we have to spend time buying small details that make the space more welcoming. In this case we want a natural touch, so we must opt ​​for these ideas. One of the things we like the most is wicker baskets, which look good in almost any environment. In the living room area they can be used to store books or a blanket, in the bathroom to store towels and in the room to put some books, blankets or cushions. It is always a small storage detail that adds a natural touch and also helps us decorate.

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