How to create much brighter spaces at home

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How to create much brighter spaces at home

Bright spaces

When decorating we have many possibilities, but we always look at the most current trends. One of them consists of create environments that are spacious and bright. This can be very easy if we have large rooms with natural light, but it becomes a challenge if we have small spaces to decorate.

Let's give you some tricks to be able to create brighter environments Let them be trending. Places that the whole family likes and where we can enjoy tranquility. There are some good tricks to get the spaces we want at home.

Bet on white

Wear white

Not only do we mean that the walls of the rooms are white, that this is a great advantage. We also refer to painting the furniture in white tones or colors that are at least clear. The white walls have their advantages, as they serve as the basis for adding any color detail and combining with everything. They make the spaces appear visually wider and the light is reflected in them. If we have wooden furniture, we can also paint them, either in a broken white or in soft pastel shades such as water green or stick pink. You will see how everything seems much brighter.

Use shiny surfaces

If you want to reflect the light, then you have to use surfaces and materials that are bright. Matte tones make everything seem less luminous, so you can choose the satin option. These glitters reflect the light and make everything seem brighter just by using these types of finishes. You can find furniture with these finishes but you can also install a floor with satin paint or tiles that have this quality.

Use the mirrors

Mirrored spaces

If you want a place to look much wider, you just have to use the trick of the mirrors. Mirrors serve to reflect and therefore help us to make everything seem much bigger. You can add several on the bottom walls or a large one. These mirrors reflect even more if we put them in front of windows, since it gives them direct light. They are especially useful if the rooms are deep, since in the darkest area we can have more light.

Open spaces

Open environments

If you are going to do works at home and want a modern concept, the best thing you can do is ask for open spaces. It takes a lot to mix environments, with a kitchen that opens to the dining room and living room. With this type of ideas we make our home seem much more spacious and spacious. This idea comes from the loft in which we have completely open and wide spaces where all the rooms are.

Good lighting

Illuminated spaces

If we do not have natural light or especially in winter that there are less hours of light, we also have to think about putting good lighting. If we have well-placed points of light, then our home will seem more spacious and bright. We can help each other with halogens, which offer a lot of light. You can also put lamps and some floor lamps to create points of light in places where lighting is lacking.

Decorate with fair

Simple spaces

In order for spaces to appear wide and bright, we also have to have space. That is, we must decorate with fairness and avoid add excess things or accumulate things. So we will have much more space, and if we use the white tones, we will see how the rooms seem more spacious, which helps us feel much more relaxed at home. We must think about what furniture we really need and avoid accumulating many things, also in terms of decorative objects and textiles.

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