How to decorate a barbecue table this summer 2021

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When the good weather arrives, few things are more appealing than joining a barbecue. It is true that what you cook will be the most important thing, but not the only thing. A suitable decoration that makes the space an attractive corner can make the difference between a pleasant and appetizing evening or one more barbecue in the album of our memories. If you want your guests to remember you for the good taste, in addition to the delicacies and the attention given, do not miss the ideas about how to decorate a barbecue table this summer 2021 that we are going to show you next.

How to decorate a barbecue table this summer 2021

The place

The first thing to decide when you dare to have a barbecue and organize an evening with friends and family around a day of barbecues is where are you going to set the table for the barbecue. It is good that the place is close to the barbecue, so that the cook can participate in the chat while they are working. But logically we will also have to find a suitable place, taking into account factors such as light, temperature, or insects, among others.

Rectangular wooden garden table

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The rustic style is in fashion and goes very well for a barbecue, although you are the one who decides the decorative style for your barbecue table.

Wooden garden table

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Tablecloths for your barbecue table

Beyond the shape and material of the table, we care about the elements that accompany it. For example, a tablecloth in cream or white tones, which are refreshing and elegant tones at the same time.

Beige table and tablecloth

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White tablecloth field table

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In truth, the most beautiful thing that your barbecue table will have is going to be the people who sit on it to share the meeting.

Meeting at the table to eat

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The crockery will also have prominence. If you came to this post it is because you want to stand out with your table at the next barbecue, so if you are looking for distinction, ceramics never disappoint. Do not forget items such as the sauce boat, as well as the devices to season the dishes (pepper shakers, salt shakers and oil cans).

Crockery for the field

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Distribute the dishes and other items on the table well.

BBQ table in the field

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Table with decorative elements in the field

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Simple decoration

We have talked about ceramics. However, a simple tableware, with some decorative strokes of color and some flora element, in addition to a plant, can look very pretty.

Country blue and white tableware

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The crystal glasses, if possible, as @bazaarpalma shows us on Instagram.

Glass tableware for the field

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Simple kitchenware so that we can enjoy the little pleasures.

Toast with wine

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Food, do not miss

It is true that we are talking about decoration. But hey, we can’t leave food behind. So complement all this with the priority, some good foods: meat, fish or vegetables. To the taste of the consumer.

Grilled meat

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Grilled vegetables

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Now, how do we put this food on the table? There will be a lot! And it has to be well distributed. Make sure that the meats, drinks and garnishes are well distributed on the table. The more diners, the better distributed it has to be, so that everyone has scope for it.

Burgers on table

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Don’t forget the dressings and drinks.

Burgers and soda

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Water bottles with drawings of hamburgers and hot dogs

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summer refreshments

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Light, enough light

Perhaps the barbecue lasts longer than expected, or we want to organize our dinner. So go looking for enlightenment. There are many means for this, such as garlands, streetlights, candles, colored bulbs, etc.

Dinner table in lighted garden

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Outdoor dining lights

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The bonfires are not too much.


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