How to decorate a Christmas tree – Simple tips to start decorating

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How to decorate a Christmas tree - Simple tips to start decorating

how to decorate a Christmas tree home

With the arrival of Christmas, all purchases of gifts, Christmas cards, food and ornaments can be a bit stressful. But, with all that nobody can deny the joy that at the same time brings thinking how to decorate a Christmas tree? Having a stunning Christmas tree doesn't have to be an annoying job.

how to decorate a celestial christmas tree

All that is needed is to understand how all the elements that make it up and a little creativity work. There is also a little extra help as some tips on how to decorate a Christmas tree with organization to make it much easier. We will indicate some of the essential steps to make your decoration a little faster and more enjoyable.

how to decorate a ribbon christmas tree

How to decorate a Christmas tree

A long time ago, the first decorations were mostly homemade ornaments and garlands of popcorn dyed bright colors. But today's decorations include everything you can imagine. From souvenir ornaments and handmade crafts for children to many flashing and striking lights. Once you have chosen your tree, whether real or artificial, it is time that it looks really beautiful.

how to decorate a complete christmas tree

So place Christmas music, share a mince pie and have the whole family participate in a really cozy pre-Christmas activity, decorating the Christmas tree. If you need a little inspiration so that your Christmas tree is up to par for this season, we will show you some tips and tricks that we have gathered to help you decorate a Christmas tree without complications.

how to decorate a delicate christmas tree

How to decorate a Christmas tree - Choose a good location

If you have an artificial or real Christmas tree, you should also choose the ideal place to place it. Especially if the space in your home is somewhat reduced. You must take into account that the place where you are going to place it is near a plug, so that you avoid having all the cables of the lights in sight and damage your Christmas decoration.

how to decorate a golden christmas tree

Consider or place your tree where people can easily stumble. As much as possible and depending on your space, it would be good to place your tree that is visible when entering your home. And if you have a mirror in the room where you will place it, this will help increase the brightness in your Christmas decoration making it even more striking.

how to decorate a christmas tree pictures

After choosing the best site for your tree, do not forget to consider the height and cover of the tree. Try to give your tree enough space so that the branches hang freely and you can decorate it completely. If you have a real Christmas tree that is too tall, you can always trim it from the bottom to maintain its triangular shape.

how to decorate a purple christmas tree

How to decorate a Christmas tree - Get the right lighting

It's time to start with the lights. Make sure you have enough lights to wrap each branch. You should also start this from the bottom to the top of the tree. The lights should be closer to the trunk than the decorations, in order to create a subtle glow that looks through the branches. There are four types of very popular Christmas lights from which you can choose to decorate your tree.

how to decorate a beginning christmas tree

Traditional incandescent lights come in a variety of sizes and colors, being the most popular. These lights warm the branches of the royal tree, so it releases the delicious smell of pine in the room. LED lights are a bit newer in the market than traditional incandescent lights and do not produce heat.

how to decorate a light christmas tree

But usually, they are a bit more expensive. Another type of lights for Christmas trees are balloon lights. They are round and come in many sizes. They look like colored balls on the tree, and although they have a softer glow, their light covers a relatively large area on the tree. With bubble lights you will have something similar to lava lamps.

Tree lit with LED lights

how to decorate an LED Christmas tree

These retro lights rise above the branches of the Christmas tree, when the liquid tube at the top of the light is heated, the bubbles float up and down inside the tube. Once you have chosen the type of lights to decorate your tree, avoid a nuisance and make sure the lights work properly before placing them on the tree.

how to decorate a christmas tree candles

Make sure all the lights are well distributed and that there are no dazzling spaces. The lights should descend, along the tree branch and along the spine so that it has a lot of depth and luminosity. We recommend that you spend a good part of the time to place the Christmas lights in the correct position. Start from the top and move down.

how to decorate a Christmas tree lighting

Weaving them around each main branch and leaving approximately six inches between the loops. It is advisable to have at least 170 lights per meter of tree, according to that should be the absolute minimum. I could try different types of lighting until you find one that impacts you. No problems if you want to mix and match lights. For example, a background of white lights can be highlighted with colored lights, which could wrap the outer areas of the tree.

how to decorate an elegant christmas tree

How to decorate a Christmas tree - Choose a color scheme

This part is where you will test your skills. You must choose colors that match well. Undoubtedly this is a fundamental part of you to build and decorate Christmas trees. But you don't have to stress yourself about this, if you have any questions about how to do it, just choose a simple scheme. As you know, the colors, shades of red, green and gold are traditional.

how to decorate a blue-white Christmas tree

Yellow and white lights can give a more bluish tone. So you could choose for a perfect look this season, silver, blues and purples. Now, if what you want is something more minimalist for decorating your Christmas tree you can choose white or silver wood decorations. New Christmas colors include dark pink and green tones.

how to decorate a rainbow christmas tree

Also a combination of hot pink, royal blue and neon orange. The blush pink tree decorations have been a success in the decorations so far this season. From simple ornaments to more elaborate designs. Here definitely, the key is variety.

how to decorate a colored christmas tree

How to decorate a Christmas tree - Involve the family

In the same way that the whole family goes in search of the perfect Christmas tree. It's good to involve the whole family and have fun decorating it. By having the smallest of the house participate in these activities, it creates confidence and at the same time strengthens the family bond. Let them place the projects they have done on the scale as part of the Christmas decoration. Maybe even establish a smaller tree that children can decorate themselves.

how to decorate a kids christmas tree

How to decorate a Christmas tree - Christmas decorations

I think everyone will agree that this is the most fun part. Well, when you hang your ornaments, start from inside your tree. Place the ornaments of plain color or the less striking as a base. And then you add the most decorative ornaments forward so that you stand out or stand out even more.

how to decorate a christmas tree ornaments

Hang the larger ornaments closer to the center of the tree to give it a little more depth. And place the smallest towards the ends of the branches. Distribute them evenly and use a variety of different shapes and sizes. Yes, there are many modern decorations and ornaments.

how to decorate a christmas tree canes

But it is not good that you completely get rid of the oldest decorations. Long ago, all the Christmas decorations regarding the tree specifically, were adorned with a beautiful tree-foot train. We suggest that if you still have your old train, place it in your decoration. Since it could fit your design scheme.

how to decorate a silver christmas tree

How to decorate a Christmas tree - The skirt of the tree

Unless you want all people to see the extension cables and the ugly plastic support of your tree, you will definitely need a tree skirt. Tree skirts also catch pine needles perfectly if you have a real tree. Tree skirts hide wires and make them look much cleaner and tidy.

how to decorate a christmas tree foot

How to decorate a Christmas tree - The treetop

Now for the final touch in the decoration of your beautiful Christmas tree, a striking ornament. Traditional ornaments have their roots in religion, like the star that represents the Star of Bethlehem. Which led the Magi to the baby Jesus. The angel symbolizes the angels who announced the birth of Jesus to the shepherds.

how to decorate a star christmas tree

But if you do not want any of these traditional ornaments, there are endless options for all tastes. Just be careful in choosing ornaments that are heavy. This will be in the most fragile part of your tree for several weeks. So you better make sure that the ornament is not going to have any danger of falling.

how to decorate a christmas tree tie

Other tips on how to decorate a Christmas tree

Choosing a theme for your Christmas tree may sometimes be a difficult decision. Modern or traditional? Colorful or neutral? We recommend that you choose a theme that adapts easily to the decoration of your home and that lasts for a long time. If you decide to choose something ultra modern this year, it could be without a doubt out of fashion next Christmas.

how to decorate a burlap christmas tree

The slightly more traditional styles will always remain in trend for longer. What will save you having to buy new decorations year after year. So you can make the most of your Christmas tree lights, you can use some small mirrors. Glue them a rope and hang them on the tree behind the Christmas lights as well as garlands.

Original decoration with citrus and cinnamon sticks

how to decorate a citrus christmas tree

This is a very good way to increase brightness without paying extra on electricity bills. Forget the old fashioned tinsel, there are many contemporary garlands in the market today. Which will dress your tree with much and better style. Try metal basin garlands, pom pom garlands, shiny gemstone garlands or artificial leaf garlands.

Beautiful Christmas tree decoration with Christmas balls garlands

how to decorate a christmas tree balls

If you don't have a garland long enough to cover your entire tree, add several of the same style to complete the look, and voila. Whatever theme you choose to decorate your Christmas tree this year, increase its appearance with outstanding ornaments. Either a traditional or contemporary decoration.

how to decorate a striking christmas tree

Accompany your usual collection of ornaments with even more colorful like blown glass, birds with feathers also colorful. Or just opt ​​for some extravagant ornaments to mix it with your current scheme. The decorations on Christmas trees are very important, as it is the most striking for people.

White tree decoration with red and black colors

how to decorate a black christmas tree

As they say there, they are the cherry of the cake. Generally people go directly to the top of the tree to see what ornament they have placed. You can buy pre-qualified card stars to simply fold and make them. Or do yours from scratch with the whole family. You can also think of a beautiful and great Christmas bond, they are really very easy to make.

how to decorate a minimalist christmas tree

Although if you decide on the traditional star, a folded paper lends itself very well to Christmas tree decorations in the Scandinavian style. I think it would also look excellent on recycled paper like pages of a book.

Decoration with paper Christmas balls

how to decorate a paper christmas tree

how to decorate a christmas tree dolls

how to decorate a christmas tree balloons

how to decorate a pineapple Christmas tree

how to decorate a simple christmas tree

how to decorate a red christmas tree

how to decorate a christmas tree hats

how to decorate a silver christmas tree

how to decorate a mickey christmas tree

how to decorate a christmas tree motifs

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