How to decorate a living room in boho chic style

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Decor : How to decorate a living room in boho chic style

Boho chic lounge

He boho chic style is one of the ones we like the most for his great ease. It is called boho because it is inspired by the bohemian world, but they add chic, because it is a style that also thinks about trends and decorative details, creating a perfect mix.

Let’s see what are the decorative keys for a boho chic style living room. If you like more casual and daring styles, you can not stop having a space with this trend. You will have a lot of freedom when decorating and you can add color.

Keep some old furniture

Boho chic lounge

The antique furniture marry so many different styles. Saving antique furniture is a great idea, since they can be the ideal complement to our boho chic living room. If you find a sofa that is comfortable and has a vintage style like tufted, then you have the ideal piece. Antique wooden furniture is carried away. You can also add a chest of drawers to have storage furniture and paint it in some bright colors. The coffee table can be an antique carved wooden table that has some special touch. The important thing is to find pieces that are unique and have personality.

Dare with the colors

The colors are a fundamental part of boho chic style. In the lounge area we can add color, as it is a place where we have to stay active, not like the bedroom. In this boho environment we can find all kinds of color mixtures. Reds and warm are the most used, because they help us to make everything more welcoming, but we can add greens, blues and other tones without fear. If this style is characterized by something, it is the mixes, the prints and the cheerful colors.

Eye on textiles

Boho chic lounge

In textiles is where we will have part of the key to decorate the spaces. These textiles usually have an ethnic print, which gives a bohemian touch to everything. So we can look for some cushions with those geometric shapes and reddish or textile tones for the walls with these patterns.

Some vintage rug

The vintage objects are ideal for this light-hearted touch of boho chic. So if there is something that looks great in a living room of this style, it is the vintage rugs that brighten the floor. These rugs also have a beautiful pattern that attracts a lot of attention and adds color.

The importance of the artistic

In the boho chic style there must also be room for the artistic. It is usual that in these environments we can see shelves full of books and also abstract paintings. Because the bohemian atmosphere is usually an environment with an intellectual touch and it shows in these little details.

Natural materials

Boho style

If you want your living room to have a relaxed atmosphere, nothing better than using natural materials to be in contact with nature. In this style some small details are taken a lot that give character to the room. One of them are wicker lamps, which are also a growing trend right now. This material is one of the most widely used in Nordic environments and also in Bohemians. Add a wicker chair in a corner, lamps in this material and even rugs.

Add some plants

Boho chic lounge

Another one of the details that are great in boho chic settings are the plants. In the living room they will brighten the stay and give it a natural and colorful touch. The hanging pots have a vintage air and are also very decorative. But you can also add plants in different pots, in a casual way, which is the key to this style.

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