How to decorate a long narrow hallway

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Decor : How to decorate a long narrow hallway

How to decorate a long narrow hallway

The corridor is a passage area but for this reason we should not pay less attention to it. It is not an easy space, especially when we are faced with a long narrow hallway, but we can make this a cozy and functional space with very few things.

At Bezzia we want to give you some ideas today so you know how decorate a long narrow hallway. Paying attention to lighting and knowing how to choose accessories that don’t make it look so long or narrow will be key. And that’s what we are here for, so you know which ones to choose and which ones to discard.

Create a point of interest at the end of the hall

Creating a point of interest at the end of the corridor is a great decorative resource in long and narrow corridors like the ones we are faced with today. Draw attention to this area Concrete helps the back wall appear closer, thus reducing the corridor effect.

Ideas to decorate the bottom of a hall

To decorate this area of ​​the corridor you can use a small console or secretary It also helps you to read a few emails at the end of the day or organize the paperwork. It can become a small workspace if you have natural light. Or become a practical reading corner; You will only need a chair and a small side table for it.

A great picture is another great alternative. And so is turning the wall itself into a large painting. How? Using a different color to paint this wall and placing a sculptural accessory in front of it.

Choose the right carpet

Carpets are capable of making a stay more comfortable, so it is especially interesting to incorporate them in those with a lack of natural light or cold, as corridors tend to be. Ideally, these cover the aisle from side to side, letting the floors breathe 8cm. on each sideHowever, in a long, narrow hallway, this does not necessarily have to be the case.

Carpet for narrow corridors

When the corridor is extremely long, breaking continuity can work in our favor. Lay two or three rugs instead of a longer one it may be convenient in those cases. When the corridor is very narrow, in addition light colors and horizontal stripes -as well as other horizontal geometric motifs-will help us to enlarge it.

The corridor is an area with a lot of traffic, so in addition to paying attention to the aesthetics of the carpet, you should pay attention to the quality and durability of the material with which it is made. Wool rugs and those made of vegetable fibers such as sisal, raffia, jute or hemp are a great choice. So are vinyl rugs, washable and hypoallergenic rugs that will be very easy to keep clean.

Light the hallway well

Recessed spotlights are probably the most popular option for lighting hallways. However, they may not be the most suitable in a long and narrow corridor since they enhance that sense of continuity that we try to avoid. In this case, the ideal is to bet on ceiling lamps or wall sconces.

Pay attention to the lighting

If we are going to dress the walls or decorate them with paintings, ceiling lamps become the best option. If the ceilings are high, get pendant lamps that enhance their height and balance the volumes of this space. If you do not plan to place anything on the walls, fixed wall sconces will serve, in addition to lighting, as decoration. The ceiling lights with translucent screen and LED technology They are the favorites to illuminate and decorate these types of spaces.

Decorate with pictures and small accessories

Add a personal touch to the hallway using pictures, photographs or prints it is very simple. You will only have to pay attention to the format, better vertical to counteract the length of the corridor, and ensure that they keep a certain aesthetic coherence so that they do not overwhelm the corridor.

Decoration of a long narrow hallway

If you need storage space bet on narrow and tall furniture, no more than 20 centimeters deep. You will be able to store documentation, footwear, winter accessories … If you prefer something purely decorative, go for a narrow shelf at mid-height and place a mirror on it. Do not place it anywhere, keep in mind that the mirror must reflect more than just the wall.

Do you now know how to decorate a long narrow hallway?

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