How to decorate a small bedroom to visually expand the space –

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Decor : How to decorate a small bedroom to visually expand the space –

If you have a small bedroom, you are not alone, it is one of the most common room decorating problems in 2021. You have to remodel to add actual square footage, but luckily, there are decorating tricks to fool the eye. To make your bedroom look bigger than it really is. The question we ask ourselves today is how to decorate a small bedroom.

To make your bedroom look bigger than it really is.  The question we ask ourselves today is how to decorate a small bedroom.-ideas

Here are some bedroom photos that show you how to make your room look bigger. A small bedroom is not uncommon in typical apartments around the world. Today, we give you some ideas on how to visually enlarge a small room using simple techniques.

how to decorate a small bedroom john-lum-architecture

How to decorate a small bedroom giving preference to light colors

It is the light tones that expand the space. So both the walls and the floor of a small bedroom should not be dark. Light wallpaper, paint or decorative plaster on the walls – the choice is yours.

how to decorate a small-style bedroom

How to Decorate a Small Bedroom – Try a Light Color Palette

You’ve probably heard that white opens up a room, and that’s generally true. But that doesn’t mean your bedroom should look like an operating room. You don’t need to decorate everything in white. But it helps if you stick with a soft, light palette. Pastels work wonderfully in small rooms, as do shades of light gray as a whisper.

how to decorate a small bedroom palette-colors-white

Try white mixed with a bright or mid-tone color, like blue. For the most impact, stick with cool colors – shades of soft blue, green, and purple help make a space bigger. While warmer tones have the opposite effect.

how to decorate a small bedroom-light-color-palette

How To Decorate A Small Bedroom – Keep Furniture To Scale

A small bedroom doesn’t have to mean tiny furniture, but it does mean you will need to find pieces that match in scale and are just the right size for your space. A king-size bed flanked by two small nightstands seems silly.

how to decorate a small bedroom dark-colors-bedroom-ideas

Instead, choose a bed size that allows you to fit at least one nightstand. Big enough to be placed next to the bed. As in some bedrooms shown here. Your dresser should match the nightstand in scale. Often times, a tall, narrow dresser works better than a wide, short piece in a small room.


How To Decorate A Small Bedroom – Alternative Storage Place

In any small bedroom, the problem of storage is especially relevant. Here you should make the most of any free surface. Hooks on the walls, shelves a compact hanger – all this is welcome in small spaces.


How to decorate a small bedroom furniture ideas

A practical solution is a furniture with shelves. It takes up a minimum of floor space and at the same time makes the most of the ceiling height. It can serve both as a coat rack and as a wonderful decoration for your interior. You too can use a dark colored bookshelf that will look good in a bright room, acting as a graphic accent. It can be complemented with hooks and hanging containers to store small objects.


A hanging bar with clothes hangers can also serve as a good option for a small room. A beautiful coat rack can simply be placed in the room and it will become a stylish decoration for your interior.


How To Decorate A Small Bedroom – Shades Of Gray

Light tones create the illusion of air and space, even if the room itself is not too large. But don’t be discouraged if you’re not a big fan of white. You can also use light grays. The main thing is to choose matte paints that better reflect daylight. Complement the interior with gray accents and small accents of color. In this way you will have a spectacular bedroom, where it will be pleasant to spend time and relax.


Nothing makes a bedroom seem as small and cramped as clutter. One of the easiest ways to open your space is with a good order. Get rid of excess objects, items that belong to other rooms in your home, and anything that is unnecessary or unappealing. You don’t want an empty, sterile room. But you don’t want an overhead either. Instead, find order with just a few works of art, photos, collectibles, or other accessories.


How to decorate a small bedroom – Zoning

In apartments with a large room, the bedroom is often combined with the living room. But there are a few tricks that can help you locate the space and create a secluded bedroom. Without having to resort to a major remodel.


The best alternative to walls is a glass partition that is easy to install and allows light to pass through. To create an intimate atmosphere in the room, you can hang the curtains from the ceiling to the floor and open them if necessary, completely closing the rest of the world.


How to decorate a small bedroom – Multifunctional furniture

A folding sofa bed can be a good alternative to a regular bed in a small room. But even from an ordinary bed, it can be used as a kind of sofa. If you simply put it with the long side against the wall and decorate it with beautiful accent pillows. Of course, this option is more suitable for a narrow single bed, but isn’t the option with a double bed so bad either?


Ideas to separate spaces in small apartments


Small bedroom in white


Small bedroom with classic style design


Ideas of decorative elements for small spaces


Narrow spaces with modern design


Small bedroom with furniture up to the ceiling


Light gray color in the small bedroom

how-to-decorate-a-small-bedroom-gray color

Ideas to visually expand small spaces


Small bedroom in dark colors


Cabinet ideas for small bedrooms


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