How to decorate a wooden box in a simple way

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Decor : How to decorate a wooden box in a simple way

Decorated wooden boxes

Boxes are a great tool for organize the different rooms of our home. We can buy them yes, but also give a second use to those we have at home. They may not be as pretty as the decorated boxes you will find in decoration shops, but they can be!

At Bezzia we tell you today how Decorate a wooden box In a simple way. We bet on proposals available to everyone in which everyday materials are used that will not be difficult to find and for which you will not need any special tool. Shall we start?

With geometric patterns

Painting is a great tool with which to transform a wooden box. With a coat of paint we can change its appearance in a few minutes, however, today we propose that you go one step further by drawing in this geometric motifs.

Geometric patterns are a trend right now. They are to give an original touch to the walls, decorate furniture and of course, accessories. And it is not difficult to apply these to a box. How? Using bodybuilder tape or washi tape to delimit the lines and applying paint of different colors, as they do in the following vieo:

With Chalk Paint effect paint

Chalk Paint or chalk paint is a acrylic free paint, pleasant and easy to use. A paint that with a final wax application, becomes an excellent decorative paint. “It can be painted smooth, with textures, with prints using stencils or freehand, with patinas without them. It has no limits! ”Annie Sloan Official Chalk Paint®

Recovering an old piece of furniture or an old trunk with this paint is very simple. You will have, that if, that prepare the wood first with fine sandpaper, then removing all the dust with a damp cloth. Once the surface is cleaned, you can apply the first layer, overlapping or not different colors depending on the effect you want to achieve.

Lining it with wallpaper or fabric

Any paper or cloth that you have at home can be useful to decorate the wooden box. In this way the boxes will look better and will also be more suitable for storing delicate items, by preventing possible splinters from the wood from damaging them.

From a box lined in fabric you can also build a side table as proposed by BricoyDeco Tv. And the same effect can be achieved with paper; You will have to take into account, that if, depending on the material you use to line the box, you could need one adhesive or another.

With the decoupage technique

It is a decorative manual technique in which they are generally used printed papers to stick on various supports. At the end, the aim is to imitate the painting by hand, using patinas and painting techniques, correctly distributing the cutouts and giving a varnish finish.

To use this technique you will need a brush, a specific adhesive for decoupage techniques on wood, decoupage napkins or similar materials that are easy to integrate into the design and varnish. Seeing the following video will make it very clear how to put it into practice:

Most decoupage designs that you will find on the net will have that vintage aesthetic that has characterized this technique so much. You can, however, create modern designs in the same way. How? Betting on napkins with geometric designs or modern motifs.

We have shown you five different ways to decorate a wooden box, but you should know that these are not the only ones. Online you will find many ways to give old women a second life fruit boxes, wine or cigars and to change the appearance of others that no longer fit you in the decoration of your home.

If any technique is not clear to you, you will only have to resort to youtube to find tutorials. We have tried to choose those that show the bases of each technique. Then, you can delve into each of them to create more creative and complex decorations.

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