How to decorate kitchens in Scandinavian style

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Decor : How to decorate kitchens in Scandinavian style

White kitchen

Decorating a kitchen is a complicated process, since it is necessary to take into account many details and especially the functionality. This space can have many styles but this time we will focus on the famous Scandinavian style, inspired by the decoration of the Nordic countries.

He Scandinavian style has many keys that make it unique and that is why we can see it in many spaces and recognize it instantly. That is what we want to convey in these kitchens. A style that adapts to everything and is very practical.

White shades

Scandinavian cuisine

The White colors are the most used in the Scandinavian style. It is a base shade that is used to give more light to spaces in northern Europe, as they do not have as many hours of light. Scandinavian kitchens will use white colors as a base to get a perfect touch of light and space. This is the basic shade but you can use others like pastel shades or combine with other base colors like gray.

Use light wood

The use of light wood is another key to the Scandinavian world. In the kitchen area we can use the wood on the floor, with a beautiful wood or tile flooring that imitates wood, since today they are very realistic and this material is stronger and easier to clean. We can also add an island with this material or a kitchen cart in light wood.

An island with character

Scandinavian cuisine

In Scandinavian style kitchens we find some ideas like islands that have a lot of wood or even a vintage touch. There are also some that are completely white, with a certain minimalist touch and few details, to give light to everything. The important thing in the Scandinavian style is that something is aesthetic and at the same time very functional.

Geometric patterns

The geometric patterns are also widely used in this type of environment. Floors with geometric patterns can be a very special detail that adds a lot of character to everything. Hydraulic floors for example can be a good choice because they are really decorative and have all kinds of patterns in even colors. Although today we can find them in white and gray tones.

Scandinavian style chairs

Scandinavian chairs

In the dining area that is installed in the kitchen we can add chairs that are completely Scandinavian. With this type of styles we will find a perfect style for our kitchen. The most seen chairs in this style have a plastic body in white tones with crossed legs in light wood. But there are many others, with beautiful shapes and mixtures such as wood and metal.

Plants and natural materials

In this style we seek above all create spaces that are cozy. Natural and ecological is very important for this type of style, since it is part of its guidelines. That is why it is common to see plants and other natural materials in decoration. Add some plants in your kitchen and also some wicker lamps or some chairs and you will give it the perfect touch.

Illuminate with spotlights

Scandinavian cuisine

The lighting in Scandinavian spaces It may be another point to consider. Metal spotlights can be an important detail that adds character to the kitchen. In addition, you have to put lighting points because it is very necessary in this place. Industrial-style metal spotlights are widely used, in shades of black, white or even pastel colors to add some color. They are usually placed on the area of ​​the island to give light.

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