How to decorate some stairs without dying in the attempt

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How to decorate some stairs without dying in the attempt

Within interior design, the stairs are usually those big forgotten. They are not given the necessary attention and in many cases they look insulous and with little grace. And it is normal, it is difficult to give that touch of charisma to an element as secondary as stairs. So how to proceed in these cases? Do not worry, in this article we will show you how to decorate modern interior stairs without dying in the attempt. You will see that with just a few details, your stairs will look like film.


We call partitions (or risers) to the front of a ladder. To be more specific, as you are climbing some stairs, the area that faces you. Many people usually put this part the same color as the steps (or footprints), wasting the great potential they provide us in terms of decoration. Not to mention that, putting the steps and the walls in the same color you will be generating an element that can visually go unnoticed. If that's what you want with your stairs, go ahead!

But if you want your stairs to gain the prominence they deserve, you can choose to decorate the wall. How? In a thousand ways. For example, you can install hydraulic tiles that are so fashionable now, you can attach decorative stickers or vinyls, mosaics, different patterns on each wall, install slate and paint whatever you want, show famous quotes or movie phrases, prints ... imagination has no limits! Decorate your wall and you will see how your stairs will look completely like others.

Wall decor

Another aspect that we tend to neglect of our interior stairs is the mural decoration. If you have stairs attached to a wall, the most optimal is to decorate said wall. You can put pictures in a creative way in the form of a collage, wall sculptures, plaques or letters and even mirrors to make the space look even bigger and with a feeling of spaciousness.

Do not forget the lighting either. You can choose to locate lamps that accompany the path of the ladder on the wall, or, if it has a short section, install a large lamp on the ceiling of the room. Lately it is also becoming very fashionable to install small LEDs on each of the steps. This type of lighting consumes very little and will give a magical touch to your stairs.

Handrail or handrail

A railing or a ramp will help us improve the accessibility of our home. As personal advice, I always like to have the same aesthetics as the stairs, as far as possible. That is, if the ladder is made of wood, try to make the handrail made of wood, if the ladder has components in wrought iron, try to make the handrail be forged ... I know there are cases in which this is not possible. In such cases, install a discreet railing. It will help to give prominence to your stairs without taking it all.

Eye, if you have a loft that you access very occasionally, it is not necessary to build some stairs of work as such. Ideally, install stairs for attics. What is that? Surely you've seen it in a thousand movies. It is that kind of stairs that are deployed when pulling a rope or cable, and that are super aesthetic. In addition, with them you will gain a lot of space since they will not be visible when folded.

I hope that with this article you have learned some tricks when decorating your stairs. Do you agree with these tips? Would you propose a trick to change your stairs? Tell us below ...

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