How to decorate the bedroom walls

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Decor : How to decorate the bedroom walls

Bedroom walls

The bedroom area is a place where we like to rest and it is usually very personal. That is why every detail counts, since they are the ones that will make the difference with other spaces in the house. The walls are the places where we usually pay attention, because they can have a lot of decorative force.

Let’s see how decorate the bedroom walls, a place of rest and leisure. On the walls we have large canvases to unleash our creativity, because there are a large number of ideas that can be carried out.

Paint the walls again in light tones

Light shades

The light shades are a great ally when decorating the spaces, since thanks to them we make all the rooms turn out to be much more spacious. Painting the walls is a great idea because it allows us to easily renovate spaces. Years ago it took the color but now the white color and the lighter tones have become fashionable again, so it is a fabulous idea to take advantage to paint the walls again.

Use an intense tone

Strong tones

If we are going to paint the entire room we always recommend that the chosen tones be light, as they create much more serenity. But they can also be boring in the long run. If you want to use an intense tone to give it the strong touch to the walls, use it but only on a wall, which is usually the headboard because it captures all eyes. A strong shade like navy blue, army green, or maroon can be the center of the room. In addition, a tone like this gives us the opportunity to add frames in white or contrasting tones. Undoubtedly, they are tones that give play but which should not be abused because they are very strong and subtract light.

Add pictures on the walls

Bedroom walls

The paintings are a fabulous detail that always helps us to improve the appearance of the walls. There’s a lot ideas to incorporate pictures into the walls. One that is widely used today is to create an informal composition of paintings, without being totally asymmetric with photographs or paintings that have shades and a common style. The final set should appear harmonious and well combined.

Elegant Wallpaper

Painted paper

Another of the details that have become very popular is the wallpaper. This element can give us an infinite game with the walls, since there are all kinds of patterns that can be used. Elegant wallpaper with beautiful motifs can be perfect for a modern and contemporary bedroom. It usually uses neutral tones, because they are easy to combine and offers a chic touch.

Flower wallpaper

Floral walls

Another idea that we really like with wallpaper is to add one that has flowers. Because there are many types of flowers, with all kinds of colors, that can be adapted to all spaces. It is a pattern that never goes out of style and the only way to incorporate it on the walls is to use a good wallpaper.

Use some nice and decorative mirrors

Mirrors on the walls

The mirrors can be another nice touch that we use to decorate the walls. Currently there are a large number of designs to choose from and we can do as with the pictures. Choose mirrors of various sizes or shapes but have something in common. For example, use some nice wicker mirrors to decorate a wall. The wall in front of the window can be used. In this way the mirrors will reflect the light and thus we will have a great feeling of light in our bedroom.

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