How to decorate your office

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How to decorate your office

How to decorate an office space? To convey a good impression and create a friendly working environment, the sobriety of a desk, a computer and a chair is not enough. A firm must reflect the personality of a company through a decoration according to its corporate image.

Decorating it properly is simple, you just have to try to follow a style in tune with the company: we will talk about minimalism, the industrial style, the modern and, of course, the classic. Without forgetting that the decoration must go hand in hand with the functionality of furniture: after all, we are talking about a workplace. It's possible to find the balance!

The essential furniture in an office

Apart from the decoration (or as part of it) there is a series of furniture that cannot be dispensed with.

· Shelving

A bookshelf where organizing documents and office supplies is essential. It is possible to obtain office shelves, specially designed for use in this space. Some, such as tubular ones, are the most appropriate for archiving. If you need some inspiration, check out Ractem shelves, with an extensive online sales catalog of these office furniture.

· Tables desktop

If it is a small office with a single desk, this furniture can be a distinctive and decorative element. However, in large offices, functionality and desktops tend to be basic and simple, often online to take advantage of the space.


Currently, most office work is done in front of a computer. Therefore, desk chairs with wheels are the most common option. Taking into account that workers can spend up to 8 hours sitting in them, it is essential to prioritize ergonomics.

· Individual Chests

Beyond the storage space provided by the shelves it is important that each worker has some drawers to organize their material, documentation and personal belongings. Sometimes, they are already incorporated in the desks and, if not, it is convenient to buy them and install them under the desk.

Decorative styles for offices

Give a homogeneous decorative style To our office is the next step. From the classic to the modern colors or to the minimalist spaces. Simply, try not to mix them in excess and choose the type of decoration that most relates to your brand. These are some of the ones that are usually used:

1. Classic style

The classic style is the most conservative option, but the perfect one to convey professionalism and seriousness. It is indicated for law firms, psychology cabinets, agencies or engineering offices.

2. Modern style minimalist

The minimalist style is based on introducing the minimum possible elements in a room. Only right and necessary. A functional office, but without neglecting the style. Minimalism is practically based on white, but you can introduce touches of color (for example, corporate) that give it a more modern look.

3. Industrial style

It is succeeding, above all, in the offices of start-up companies and startups. It is an eclectic style, which looks at the most industrial era and that leaves architecture in sight. Of course, it is designed for large spaces.

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