How to decorate your room with a high ceiling? 10 Ideas And Pictures

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Environments with high ceilings are often perceived as cold and unwelcoming spaces. Today we show you different options that you can consider to solve your living room with high ceilings and it becomes a cozy and charming place through decorative elements or structures, in this way you can also achieve greater visual interest that we are sure you will like.

Structures with Beams


Roof structures that include beams are often the most commonly used. Either for country houses or in the city, this option is ideal to shorten the ceiling that will give the rustic touch that your room may need. In the same way, nowadays beams made with other materials are also used depending on the effect we want to provide or the style that defines and complements your space.

Wall Art


Many designers usually fill the voids in the upper half of the walls with a painting as we see in this modern room design. While the lower half includes bookcases, in the other only a large painting, in this way the wall comes to life.

False Ceilings


False ceilings are another great decorative solution to beautify the room and make it more welcoming. An extra level is created in this beautiful setting with a design that lowers the height. Surrounded by lights and with a central lamp, perfect to add warmth to this modern space where neutral colors predominate in the decoration.

Hanging lamps


Hanging lamps are ideal for this type of ceiling. You can exaggerate without fear and we are sure that it will still look beautiful and elegant.

Keep Order and Harmony

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For an environment to look beautiful, order is necessary. Spaces with high ceilings need some coherence and organization in the decoration. Using the appropriate materials, shapes and colors so that everything looks in harmony.


photo living room high ceiling

Curtains are a great attribute to beautify a room with high ceilings. These give us the feeling of a more welcoming space. If you are looking for subtle elegance, use those in solid tones or in a single color and that cover all the windows, from the ceiling to the floor.

Accent Wall Color

photo living room high ceiling

Inject a dose of color into one of the walls of the room. Creating a focal point helps to direct the gaze towards this area and the space will not look so sterile. The warm tones are perfect as we see in this design, which includes a wall with exposed bricks. Wallpaper or paint works great too.

Architectural Details

photo living room high ceiling

Take a look at this high ceiling living room design, the designer adds a small wooden frame and disguises the real dimension of the high ceiling.


photo living room high ceiling

For those who have a fireplace in the living room, create a structure that stands out from the ceiling to the floor as we see in this design.

Vertical Division of the Room

photo living room high ceiling

A functional alternative for those who have high ceilings and little space in their home, is to apply what this designer did by creating an area that functions as a library. This structure is L-shaped and has a simple staircase. This is another great idea that you can consider to save and maximize the available space.

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