How to face a comprehensive reform

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Decor : How to face a comprehensive reform

There are times when the decision to carry out a comprehensive home renovation is taken too lightly. You have to be very clear if you are prepared to face a work of such magnitude, since it can end up undermining the morale of more than one. Especially if you live in the house to reform. In this article, we have consulted ACreformas, a renovation company in Mallorca, about how to best carry out a comprehensive reform at home. From his testimony we have obtained some very interesting tips.

Be clear what you want

Perhaps the clearest advice that we could extract from this renovation company in Palma is that before we start, we must be clear about what we want to modify at home. You cannot start a reform with doubts and hesitations. The ideal is to analyze what needs to be changed and, above all, if it is worth it, both in effort, time and money.

There are certain works that can take time or be very expensive, and that may not be worth it. But if you decide to go ahead with the reform, Let it ride, because later you can regret it.

Can advance work to professionals looking at materials and resources to implement in the reform. For example, if you are going to change the floor of your home, you can take a look at the different types of flooring, or if in one case, you are going to modify a toilet or a bathroom completely, a very good idea may be to browse the toilets to install. Everything that is to advance work is always well received.

Consultation with professionals

Once you have everything clear, you will have to look for professionals to do the work. I could tell you to stick with the ones that best fit your budget or the ones with the best reviews, but honestly, stick with those who give you the best impression. That is why they always recommend contacting these types of professionals in person, and talking face to face about the reform. So you can see in situ if they fit what you are looking for, or otherwise, you should keep looking …

Once you have found the ideal professionals, tell them what you want to do and, above all, let yourself be advised. They will have a different vision than yours, more professional, so they know the possible problems that you may face from carrying out certain actions. With this I am not saying that you follow everything they say to the letter. Ask him the pros and cons of each possible conflict and decide.

Open mind

When everything is more than discussed with the renovation company, it is time to start. In this phase what they recommend is arm yourself with patience. And it is that in the works, let’s say it clearly, certain problems tend to appear that can lengthen and even make the project more expensive. Do not despair, it is the most normal thing in the world. You have idealized the image of your renovated home and it is more than possible that, due to certain external setbacks both to the renovation company and to you, it will not be the same as what you have in mind. That is why the best is have an open mind.

If you have already made up your mind to carry out a comprehensive reform, you must assume that it is not a simple process. So, be patient, trust the professionals, and let them work.

Save some money

If the renovation company has already given me an itemized budget that includes materials and labor, why do you want to save some extra money? If you have read the previous point, you will know that in the works there are unforeseen. This is the most common thing in the world and you have to face them. So, if you are already aware that this can happen, you have already won.

So save yourself a pinch of money for what might happen. Do not spend your entire budget on the cost of the reform. Reserve something.

To enjoy!

I know the renovations are a hassle. The waiting time, the money, the dust, the dirt… But the worst is over. Now is the simplest and most rewarding step: ENJOY.

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