How to find the perfect cheap custom blinds for your home?

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Decor : How to find the perfect cheap custom blinds for your home?

Naps looking for blinds cheap to place in your home, but you need a model that is made to measure, you’re in luck. On the Internet you will find specialized sites, such as puntogar, where you will find all kinds of customizable models. The hardest thing will be to choose. In this post We help you narrow your search to what you need. We will tell you the advantages and disadvantages of expensive type and how you can use them to decorate.

Roller blinds

This is the broadest group, as it covers different models depending on the light they let through.

So you can find cheap blinds made to measure from puntogar, such as screen, night and day translucent and opaque.

If you are looking for a cheap blind that blocks the light, but does not completely block the visibility of the windows, you are interested in learning about the fabric screen. It is made of fiberglass or polyester and has a porosity through which light passes. In fact, you will see that the different qualities are accompanied by a percentage: 0%, 1%, 3%, 5% or 10%. This indicates the opening level, so the larger it is, the more clearly you will see the street when it is extended.

A cheap blind night and day is made with a striped fabric with different opacity and a double system. In this way, you can regulate the more translucent stripes to allow more light to pass through or alternate them with others without opening to increase the darkness.

The cheap custom blinds translucent are ideal if you live in a city with narrow streets or if you need privacy in a room. They let in the light, but, unlike the screen its fabric will not reveal what is behind it. Here you will find a wide variety of finishes, with different textures and designs.

The cheap blinds opaque are perfect in homes where you need to block the light completely, even during daylight hours. If you have windows where you can’t put blinds or if you work shifts, they will be the perfect guarantee for a good night’s sleep even in sunny hours.

Customizable custom blinds

When you are looking for a blind cheap that combines perfectly with the decoration of your home or when you have an idea in mind, betting on customizable models will not disappoint you. Thanks to the technology of digital printing, you can include the designs you want.

If, for example, you have a business and need some cheap blinds compatible with your corporate image, you will be able to print your logo in high resolution and thus make it easier for customers to see it from the street as well. In businesses like spas, hairdressers or beauty salons, you can put relaxing images or others that help you identify the different areas.

In children’s rooms, you have the possibility to place cheap custom blinds with your children’s favorite characters. If they like Mickey Mouse, Lightning McQueen or Frozen, they will love that you decorate their rooms with them. On the other hand, in thematic rooms, it will be very easy for you to continue with the inspiration and choose matching patterns that highlight the decorative intention.

Folding blinds

If you are looking for a cheap blind elegant, that goes well with the classic style of your home, the folding models are undoubtedly the design that will satisfy your desires. When they are extended they will have the appearance of curtains or curtains, since they are made with light and elegant fabrics.

Its internal rod system makes them have structure and that, when you want to pick them up, they are perfectly stretched. They are great if you pretend that custom blinds of your house are discreet and elegant. In addition, depending on the type of fabric with which they are made, you can create decorative effects, with contrasting colors or coordinated with the rest of the furniture.

The packet blinds

Another option for classic or elegant homes are blinds package. They are very similar to folding, but instead of having a rod structure, they fold back on themselves, creating gathers in the fabric. Consequently, the visual effect is very interesting, as the different folds create multi-dimensional texture and feel.

If you have a rustic or romantic inspired home, this type of cheap blind it will be very good. They’re a bit more casual than rod folding, but draped fabrics give them a timeless and delicate look, perfect for creating the homely and cozy vibe that these two styles need. The different fabrics will also play a very important role, since, depending on their finish, you can achieve a more elegant, retro or country result.

As you could read, there is cheap blinds for all types of home. Depending on your choice, you can print your doors and windows with a modern and practical style with the roller blinds, fun and to your liking with the customizable models or classic and timeless with folding designs and packaging.

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