How To Fix A Zipper – Best Tips And Tricks

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Tricks to fix zippers

Were you zipping up your favorite jacket and it went bad? How many times has it happened to us! It is one of the most common problems of our day to day. Although we put our hands to our heads when it happens, we are not going to throw with our clothes, far from it. So today we show you how to fix a zipper in several simple and very practical ways.

So when it happens again, you will even get your best smile because you know that in a couple of minutes you will have it ready and like new. You do not believe it? Well, you just have to discover everything we have prepared for you and enjoy each of the solutions and tips to fix the zippers of all your garments. You are ready?

How to repair a zipper that opens

One of the actions that are most often repeated is this. We close the zipper and see that in a matter of seconds, it begins to go down. How to fix a zip that comes down? Without a doubt, it is something that we will see both in backpacks and in pants or jackets that close with the zipper. So if it is common, you have to have a few simple steps to fix it in the blink of an eye:

  • You must place the so-called car, which goes with its handle, or the slider on its lower stop. That is, as if you let the zipper open all the way.
  • Once the movable piece of our zipper is located there, we will try to tighten it a little. With this we will be able to reduce the size of your opening and make the zipper itself fit in your rails. How will we do it? Well, if your hands are a bit uncomfortable, help yourself with some pliers.
  • Of course, do not press too much because otherwise, you will be able to close the passage. For this reason, it is important to adjust it a little, test it and if it still does not work, repeat the process again.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the fastest and easiest methods, which ends up working. So as we say, if you see that you do not, try a couple of times because with insistence it will surely work out perfectly and you will be able to wear your favorite clothes again.

How to fix a stuck zipper

How to put a stopper on a zipper

Of course, on the other hand, it can also be the buffers that are a problem in our life. Because when they wear out, they will no longer fulfill their function as such and will make the zipper go out of control completely. So, in this case we are going to see how to put a stopper on a zipper, taking out our more ‘handyman’ vein and opting for crafts.

  • In this case you need a rectangular piece of fabric. The best thing is that it is the color of the garment that you are going to fix or the zipper in question. Still we always leave it to your choice.
  • Now you should make two marks on both sides of the fabric and place the edges inward. As if it were a door with two openings or windows. To be able to make the marks well, it is enough to iron the fabric.
  • Now we must place the zipper inside the fabric and of those edges that we have indicated. It is time to sew.
  • When we have it sewn, we just have to cut the leftovers. You will see how thanks to the sewn base, the zipper will never pass these fabric stops.
  • Now you just have to put it on any accessory or garment! We do not give the measurements of the fabric or the zipper because that will depend on where you want to place it. But regardless of size, the process will always be the same.

How to fix a zipper with a fork

The truth is that we love homemade tricks, because they usually have the best and fastest solutions. To avoid damaging your hands or using unnecessary force, we resorted to some ideas like this. It’s about being able to fix a zipper with a fork. What do you think is incredible? Well, you will get it in the blink of an eye. If the zipper does not close or has separated from your teeth, then we must follow a simple step.

Place on the teeth of the fork, carriage or slider and make sure it is securely attached. Then, through its two holes we will place the zipper strips, each in its place. You just have to fit them and pull slightly, because it will be the fork that really helps us. As we have mentioned, it will be in the blink of an eye that you will have your zipper ready. If it is not entirely clear to you, do not miss the video!

How to put back a clasp that came off

Sometimes the closure, or also called the carriage that is the metallic and movable part, can come out of its place. This is due to the wear of the garment or accessory, because the caps have also given way, etc. Whatever the reason, we also have the solution at our fingertips and that is always great news. So what we have to do is really simple. Although be careful, sometimes that of how to fix a zipper does not always come out the first time. We just have to insist a little and we will succeed.

What you are going to do is hold the two ends of the zipper in question. Once you have them in your hands, you have to place that closure that we mentioned. How do we do it? Well, first we fit it at one end and then at the other. Here comes the complicated part because nothing that we move can detach the zipper. So, we will try to go little by little, since the trick is to have a pulse and hold each part well. When we have it located, we make a slight pressure on it so that it slides the zipper and yes it will. As we can see in the video, it seems difficult to achieve the first time but it comes out and then you will continue to apply it every time it happens to you.

From here and when you have the zipper mounted, it would be necessary to remember not to open it completely if possible. Although when you can, the best and safest thing is to add some stops to avoid that we have the same problem to solve again.

How to fix a stuck zipper

How to fix a stuck zipper

Yes, we know that it is another of the problems that we can find. When a zipper gets stuck we have to find the reason. Sometimes it is as simple as that part of the fabric is caught when opening or closing the zipper. But in other cases we do not see fabric or any type of thread, so we must opt ​​for another of the home remedies that we have at our disposal.

If you were wondering how to fix a stuck zipper, you have to know that you will do it with soap or moisturizer. Both options are perfect and not just for your skin. You have to moisten the part of the zipper with a little liquid soap and a few drops of water or directly with a little hydrant cream. Go all the way around the zipper with these solutions. Since it is a way to remove dirt and make the zipper work again like nothing.

How to fix a trouser zipper

How to fix a pants zipper that goes down

When it happens to us that a zipper of the pants is lowered, we can say that it is one of the most uncomfortable moments that we will live. But as such, it must also be said that it has an easy solution. On the one hand, if you are not at home then we will give you some of the simplest tricks and that they can be at your fingertips:

  • Sure that Your keychain has a round part where the keys or the details that you carry with you will hang. Well, said ring can be placed on the zipper pull. Then we raise it and we will place it around the button of the pants. Solved!
  • If you don’t have a keychain but you do have some elastic bands, then you will also do the same. Place it through the hole of the puller and then, clip it on the button of your pants. At least you know you have a good fix until you get home. Just like if you have a leaf clip, you can also shape it and it will do its job like never before.

Once at home, you don’t have to throw off your pants or change the entire zipper. Since as we have mentioned, it is always a more complicated job. What we can do is simply buy a new car or slider, that is, the metal part. But not only that, but if you think that this part is fine, you will adjust it with pliers as we explained in the first section. What’s more, you need to remove the stops and place new ones. They are usually made of metal and are removed with pliers and also secured with them by pressing.

Fix a zipper on a backpack

How to fix backpack zippers

Backpacks, purses or bags tend to get damaged. But before your fabric suffers, surely it is the zipper that gives more trouble. Well, if it does not open or close, you must take action on the matter before throwing it away.

  • On the one hand, one of the great solutions is to find out if your teeth are correct to be able to move. For this you need something a little sharp, which can be a pencil or an end of the stationery clips. You will go through the teeth of the zipper with it to be able to say goodbye to embedded dirt or small threads.
  • On the other hand, what can be done is to remove the metal part, cart or displacer. Then, we will both remove some teeth from the zipper at its bottom. It will be here where instead of these metal teeth, stitch each part separately. These stitches will serve as stops. When you have them, it only remains to put the metal part back and that’s it. It sure works!

Now you know how you can repair the vast majority of problems with a damaged zipper. Do you have any other solutions that we have not mentioned?

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