How to get a Shabby Chic decoration in 9 steps

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How to get a Shabby Chic decoration in 9 steps

Shabby Chic, a style of decoration that has its origin in the old country houses of the bourgeoisie and English upper class. Large country houses where furniture and decorative elements were accumulated and which the humblest families bought second hand, already worn and old, looking for the elegant and glamorous look of the style prevailing at the time, the Victorian style.

The Shabby Chic It is a mixture of the old and the modern, the used and the new. Shabby means worn and Chic, elegant. Two words that seem contradictory but have been successfully combined to create this decorative style that is characterized mainly by its character female Y Romantic.

Because to be tremendously chic, you do not need a perfect look, we teach you the keys to get this look so fashionable:


1. Use the white color as the basis of decoration. The color white is the basic tone and most used for decoration Shabby Chic. For some accessories and color accents you can use the pastel color palette with colors like pink stick, green water, mint green, turquoise blue or lavender tones. If the absolute white does not convince you for the walls, you can use white paint dyed slightly in one of those shades.

Dreamy Whites

2. Look for the worn effect. As its name indicates, shabby means worn out, used, so a slightly worn upholstery is basic to provide greater veracity and character to the style you are looking for.


As for furniture and decorative elements, you can turn to antique shops and markets to find some pieces with history or use inherited pieces or that you already have to give them that aged look through various techniques ranging from painting, to what We recommend chalk paint or "chalk paint", until the application of fabrics or wallpapers. Whatever the technique used, it is essential to leave that aspect of used and worn furniture.

The use of untreated textures, furniture and accessories and oxidized iron also work very well in environments Shabby Chic.

Vintage House

3. Employ floral motifs without reservations. As good romantic and feminine style as it is, flowers of all sizes and colors have ample room. You can apply it on the walls by using wallpaper, in fabrics with curtains, cushions, patterned bedspreads or in patchwork works and even in small details. The flowers that are used are usually small and of course, in pastel colors that you can combine with each other without problem.


Do not add only floral patterns in the form of a pattern, but also with natural or dried flowers. Distribute bouquets throughout the house that you can place in antique vases, glass or porcelain bottles or jars, cubes or baskets to further refine the style Shabby Chic.

French Larkspur

4. Add a mirror, or two, or three. The mirrors can not be missing in a style decoration Shabby Chic Large format mirrors with frames with flourishes and carved ornaments are the most suitable, even so, if you only have a mirror with a simple and standard frame, you can use it as long as you give it an aged and worn look.

Shabby Passion

5. Get a chandelier. These can be made of glass, porcelain or wrought iron, with colored crystals, cloth screens and even candles. They are an important focal point in any space Shabby Chic that prides itself

Wealden Times

6. Objective: Cozy and Creative. Focus your efforts on getting the most welcoming environment possible. For this he uses soft, fluffy and comfortable textures. In style Shabby Chic, blankets, bedspreads, cushions and covers become essential accessories.

The Prairie by Rachel Ashwell

7. Make heaps ordered. Candles, candlesticks, Victorian frames, antique vases, antique bottles and bottles, table lamps, ceramic or crystal objects, flower bouquets, boxes or old suitcases. Everything works as long as they keep the patina of time, group them and make sure that the pieces work well combined and share the same color palette.

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8. Femininity and romanticism in the girls' room. It is a style that as a rule fascinates girls who will be happy to help you decorate your room with their own tastes and ideas. Give wings to the princess of the house, your imagination is the limit!

Project Nursery

Keltainen Talo Rannalla

9. And combine it with other styles. If you are more fan of other decorative styles but at the same time you do not want to give up the touch of femininity and coquetry that the decoration brings Shabby Chic, we suggest you combine it with other styles like the ones shown below:

Shabby Chic + Nordic: Provides warmth to a Nordic style decoration with the introduction of fluffy and fluffy covers and textiles typical of decoration Shabby Chic.


Shabby Chic + Coastal Style: They work well because they have similar color palettes contributing, the coastal style, the greens and blues of the sea.

Venice Magazine Online

Shabby Chic + Ethnic: Risks and introduces exoticism through textiles, whether Asian, Arab or African, you will not regret it!


You no longer have excuses, we have made it easy for you to start your own project Shabby Chic at home. What are you waiting to show us?

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