How to hang a picture step by step in your home and make it perfect

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How to hang a picture step by step in your home and make it perfect

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It seems the simplest, but we don't always look as perfect as we might think. Therefore, it does not hurt to discover how to hang a picture Step by Step. Because the walls always need some details like these to look more complete.

It is true that there are many sizes and options when it comes to being able to decorate each room. But still we will see the basic steps and starting from them, we can start shaping the decoration we want. Are you prepared and prepared to get down to work?

Materials needed to hang a picture

We must always start at the beginning. That's why when we think about how to hang a picture, the best thing is gather all the materials that we will need. Which are?:

  • A pencil and a meter or level with bubble to be able to place our frame centered.
  • The hangers, if the table in question does not have them.
  • A hammer without forgetting the drill and the alcayatas, in addition to the tacos.

Of course, also, when talking about the drill, we have to do the bits. Surely you have several games of them, but it is worth knowing that if the wall, where we are going to hang the picture, is brick, the best drill will be the widia. While if the wall is made of laminated plaster, then you can use metal drill bits better.

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Looking for the height and place to place the painting

Once we have all the materials, we should not start making the hole directly. We must think well where we want the painting. In addition, if we are only going to place one on a wall or several, since here they will also enter the size of them. Remember that if the picture is larger and the wall looks smaller, visually there will be no decoration provided. Similarly, it must be said that if you want me to have a good light, we should not hang it too high. A good height to hang a picture can be about 1.70, more or less.

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Place the picture hangers

If you do not have them, you will have to put what will be the hangers of your painting. But this simple step should not be done at the top of the box, but better on both sides. Of course, if it is a very light frame, then there will be no problem. You can mark with the pencil the area where you are going to pierce and screw the hangers.

Mark the wall where the picture goes

We have already reached another of the fundamental steps. Here you have the option of measure the distances from the ground with the meter or separation of other furniture, etc. Once you have it, you will mark with the pencil. But it is true that it is not the first time we see another trick that also allows us to do it in a faster way. Now that the hangers are in the box, we can only hit them with the wall. So the area where we are going to hang the box will be marked.

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Here, we will have to drill and place the taco as well as the alcayata. Of course, to place the second point, we must measure well so that it is straight. Here we are going to need the bubble level. When we have it well leveled, we re-drill and go. As you well know, the tacos will be perfect with the help of a hammer and it is only necessary to place or screw the alcayatas. Finally, we hang the picture on them and we will have our most current and easiest decoration. Just as a reminder or advice, remember that it is best to start with a small drill bit. Since it is always better to expand it than in the opposite direction.

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