How to hold a banquet at home: original ideas

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If you want to organize a great banquet at your home, be it a birthday or graduation party, your child’s baptism or communion or any other event and even a wedding banquet and you want it to be a success, there are some ideas that They will allow you to have everything thought out so that the event itself becomes unforgettable. Let’s see now how to celebrate a banquet at home with original ideas.

Depending on the type of banquet you want to organize, you can apply some ideas that can be really original (think, for example, candy tables for weddings), but you should also think about what perhaps the reason that has led you to celebrate a banquet at home It is due to the pandemic, so you should start thinking well about the space in which you are going to place your guests (always keeping a certain distance) and then choose some of the ideas that we propose below:

It starts with a bar “bar”

For a smoother entry, you can greet guests with a first pre-banquet drink. To do this, at the entrance to the space of the house or garden where you are going to celebrate the banquet, you can place a cart or small table stocked with essentials (bottles, glasses, your ice bucket and even some flowers). Although obviously, it is much better that you can have a real bar counter, but if not, the idea of ​​the cart is more than enough.

It will be important that as guests arrive, they offer a drink and give them access to the area where the banquet is to be held but without still sitting at the table. This will allow them to talk to each other and you can “sneak” into the kitchen for the final preparations for the banquet. As we say, make sure that the bar is well stocked, so that guests do not have to come looking for you to order anything. Or even better, if you have “helpers” among your family or friends, appoint someone to take care of the drinks.

A walk through the kitchen and starters

Just in case you have a large kitchen And in addition, a kitchen that has a table or a central island you will be able to apply the following idea to celebrate a banquet at home. Consists in place some starters, like some veggie crudités, some bread and some sausage, on the central island, the table and even the countertop. In this way you can take advantage of the kitchen space so that the guests also have a place to meet before the banquet. It goes without saying that this idea will also work for you if you already have everything from the banquet ready to serve on the table and you don’t have to be cooking yet.

Centerpieces that are personalized or individual

Who doesn’t like a centerpiece? If you want your guests to remember the banquet you are going to organize, nothing like giving them something and a good idea may be to place small centerpieces. so that each of the guests can take it home. For example, you can place a beautiful scented candle next to each glass or glass, or also place a small vase with a simple flower.

Cards for everyone or marked napkins

Another good idea may be place beautiful cards decorated and written with the name of each diner so that guests know not only where to sit, but also that they can be taken away. On the other hand, and if you are good at sewing, you can also do this other idea that we love: it consists of take the cloth napkins of each diner and sew the name of one or his initials. Customize the tablecloths for your guests, even if you know that later you have to give up on it since diners will want to take their napkin.

Chef at home

When organizing the banquet, you have the option of prepare a menu that you will cook same or also hire a catering, to be in charge of bringing and serving the food during the celebration of the banquet, but in recent years The idea of ​​hiring a private chef has also become very fashionable, something that can come in handy if we have many guests.

It is undoubtedly a more original and personalized option, although before hiring it, you should speak with the chef at home to agree if he is only going to provide the service of preparing the dishes or if he is also going to organize the table. and it has staff to serve the dishes.

Children’s menu

Something important that we must not forget is to be able to also have a menu available that is for children who are also invited to the banquet. We can even prepare your own table, so that all the children are together and can have fun.

Buffet table

If the space you have reserved for your banquet is not too big, You may not be too keen on the idea of ​​seating your guests at a table. A good alternative can be to organize a buffet table as all the food so that you have to serve fewer dishes on the table and that the guests can eat standing up and whatever they want. Make sure that the buffet tables are large enough to avoid unwanted lines and also that the food is well organized and arranged, so that they can take it without problem.

Do not forget about the decoration and also, the lighting

Banquet decor is not just about the table. You must decorate the entire space with elegant details or that serve to set the scene in a special way. For example, you can place flowers, and also of course, choose good lighting.

Set things up so that the light is not behind the guests; otherwise they will look dark and shadowy. Try Make the most of natural light (such as holding the banquet outside or opening all the windows wide), but also, feel free to place guests under a nice lamp or hang LED light strips above the guests, so that everything (both guests and food) looks good.

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