How to improve the thermal insulation of your home

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Decor : How to improve the thermal insulation of your home

A house is made up of different elements that, depending on the time of year and the weather conditions, are affected by both cold and heat.

Checking the closing of windows and doors, installing curtains that protect from the sun or checking for cracks in the walls, are tasks that help improve the insulation of your home. For these cases, hiring a handyman at Hogami becomes an excellent alternative for a professional finish with guarantees.

Maintain a comfortable temperature in the home

thermal isolation

A comfortable home relies heavily on adequate thermal insulation. We tell you how to improve the condition of the ceilings, walls, windows and floors to make your stay at home more pleasant:

The facade of the house

A wall facing the outside, if it does not have good thermal insulation, will have a significant energy loss. During winter, cold air tends to filter in different ways.

On the other hand, the summer sun heats the outer sheet of the facade and, if it is not well insulated, it also affects the inner sheet, a situation that leads to an increase in the temperature inside the house.

To prevent these situations, check the condition of the façade cladding and that of the leaves; that there are no cracks or small fissures. Also check outlets, blind boxes, and plumbing fixtures, if any. Repair or change everything you think is necessary.

The roofs

In winter, the warm air inside the home, by convection, rises and touches the ceiling. If you don’t have a good insulation, even the heat from the stove ends up seeping through there. If it is the top floor and has a concrete floor above it, the ceiling will cool the air in the room and, consequently, your stay.

On the other hand, the sun warms the roof during long summer days. This causes the areas under cover to reach very high temperatures and the heat is transferred to the interior of the house.

Placing plasterboard or plasterboard will achieve adequate ceiling insulation. Other solutions can also be considered, such as adding an awning to your roof and ceiling fans. Finally, do not rule out applying waterproofing on the ceiling, which can protect the internal temperature of the house.

The soils

The floors represent one of the main points of heat loss in the home. A ceramic surface tends to have a much lower temperature than the environment in which it is located.

In this sense, wooden floors or floating floors are thermal insulators by nature. In addition, they provide a natural and comfortable air to the home.

To insulate a home from the cold without having to carry out works, a quick alternative is to install a floating cladding. And if you incorporate a polyethylene foam membrane between one floor and another, you reduce the risk of moisture condensation.

More alternatives to optimize the home temperature

If you want to improve the thermal insulation of your house, the following measures are also effective:

  • Check the doors and windows, as there may be cracks in the woodwork itself. If so, you need to seal them with putty or silicone. Insulate the frames with foam or rubber weather stripping.
  • To reduce the impact of UV rays, a practical and decorative option is to place vinyls on the windows.
  • If you are carrying out works, you can think about installing windows with double glass, in particular, those with sheets of low thermal transmission and solar factor. Window profiles with thermal break is another alternative that also ensures energy savings.
  • Control the use of lighting. Closing blinds and turning on the lights ends up emitting more heat and generating more economic expenses. A good option is to install a sunlight harvesting system.
  • The use of household appliances. Choose those electrical appliances with energy efficiency and use them at times when temperatures are milder.

Whether for health, comfort, savings or sustainability, thermal insulation plays an important role in our home. We spend much of our time inside it and your stay must guarantee the well-being of the whole family.

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