How to incorporate and combine bubble gum in our home

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How to incorporate and combine bubble gum in our home

Bubble gum pink

The color pink is usually associated with spaces of marked romantic and feminine style. However, a bubblegum rose like the one we have chosen today as the protagonist can also help us create elegant, contemporary and / or fresh spaces. Take care of how do we use it and what colors we accompany it will be key to achieve it.

Bubble gum pink It can be combined with other pastel colors thereby achieving relaxed environments. Environments that we can also achieve by combining it with soft neutral shades such as white or gray. Although resorting to intense colors like yellow or strong colors like green can be even more attractive. By combining the latter with pink you will achieve spaces with a great visual impact.

With white and gray

White is a color that we can combine with pastel pink when we look for a bright and feminine proposals. It is a combination that works especially well in family rooms such as the living room and bedroom and allows us to introduce small accessories in a third color in these spaces.

Decoration in pink and neutral tones

Do you know what the key is to use three colors in the same space? Choose a dominant color, in this case the target, to use it in 60% of the space. Another secondary, pink, which is present in 30% and one last color to complete the remaining 10%.

Are you looking for more environments sober, current and balanced? Bet on the pink bubble gum and gray combination. Combining both colors will balance the feminine and the masculine. Use gray as the predominant color if you want to achieve more neutral and contemporary rooms and reserve pink for a secondary or tertiary role.

With yellow

An intense color like yellow is a perfect companion to decorate youth spaces, creative studies or family leisure rooms. It is a color that brings a lot of light to the rooms but it is preferable to use in small doses because of the great impact it generates.

Rooms in pink and yellow

Reserve the yellow for half walls, small furniture, textiles or decorative accessories. And use it wherever you want all eyes to be directed. Look at the yellow stool with pink bedding in the image above; It is the first thing you see in a room where white dominates.

With blues

The pink and blue combination generates sense of well-being. Although the use of pale shades of both colors in combination with white would bring us closer to one of the most influential trends of recent years: the Nordic style is not this alternative that we propose today.

Bubble gum and blue decoration

Today we are committed to an alternative that transmits strength, energy and freshness in equal parts. Which one? The combination of bubblegum pink with deep blue hues like cobalt or real. Complete the room with a third color, white, and incorporate green plants here and there to bring freshness to it. The room will not leave anyone indifferent, we assure you!

With greens

Dark greens, such as forest green or pine green, exert great contrast with bubblegum pink. It is a combination that works very well both in bedrooms and in family spaces and with which it is very easy to create retro-inspired environments. How? Incorporating Mid Century style wooden furniture like the ones in the picture. If you are looking to give a unique touch to your home, this is undoubtedly a great combination.

Pink and green decoration

If you are looking for a more relaxed environment, you can substitute the green ones mentioned by softer ones called Pantone as ‘surf spray’ or ‘creately aqua’. They are green that continue to exert a great contrast with pink, but they do it more discreetly. Ideal for stays for relaxation or dining rooms.

Have we helped you forget the pink associated topics in the world of decoration? As you have been able to verify the pink can lead stays that we would not define as feminine and / or cheesy. It brings an undoubted feminine touch, yes, but it is something that we can balance if we want to with the use of other colors. What combination did you like best?

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