How to keep the room cool to fall asleep in summer

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One of the things that we fear most about the arrival of the summer season is the suffocating heat of summer nights. Those nights when no matter how you position yourself, the sweat and heat make it seem impossible for you to get a good night’s rest, but does it have to be that way forever, year after year? We share with you some home remedies to sleep, with which you will make your room cool even on summer nights.

Lock your house during the day

As I tell you. Avoid opening the windows throughout the day to keep the heat out. If there is a room that you need to open, such as the kitchen, the best thing you can do is close the bedroom door to isolate them as much as possible. Another recommendation is to lower the awnings to prevent the house from overheating and, if you do not have it, it is as easy as lowering the blinds and thus you will reduce the incidence of the sun on the room.

And yes, once the night comes and it seems that it cools a little more, it is time to open everything so that the air can be renewed and cooler.

Forget about stand by

The amount of plugs that we have connected to the electricity throughout the day is impressive and, it is not only about the energy consumption and the cost to our economies, nor the environmental damage, but it is hot! Yes, yes, as I tell you, it is hot. If you do not go near the router or look at the battery of your computer, they heat up while they are connected to the network and increase the temperature of the room, more than it might seem to you.

Therefore, one of the keys for this summer season is that you unplug all the electronic devices that you do not use. Stop standing by and refresh yourself.

Light on?

Another of the things that we fear the most in summer are the arrival of mosquitoes and flying insects that come to our houses attracted by the light, which can be experienced as fear or as absolute panic. Beyond how to avoid the bugs, that we will have to leave it for another article, it is essential that you bear in mind that having the light bulbs turned on -especially if they are the traditional ones- emit much more heat. Therefore, turn on only the lights that are necessary and avoid having everything on if you are not in that room, it is also very valid to start having romantic dinners – also suitable for lonely souls or inveterate singles – by candlelight, you will see what relaxing.

Inside plants

All those who have read us for a long time know that we love plants, we have them in all rooms of the house and there are plants for everything in life. Note that there are indoor plants that help clean the air, which is a wonderful benefit for us, but also in summer, if you water them at night, you will see that it will give you the feeling that it refreshes the environment with the plant’s own humidity.

Get the most out of your sheet

I have to tell you that I have not tried this yet but, in these days when it was so hot, a colleague told me that they had reached the point of straining a completely damp sheet on the curtain rail to increase the humidity of the room and that, with the little air that had entered, they had managed to enhance the freshness of the room. I, of course, noting for the return of too warm days.

Low beds

Did you know that the closer to the ground the cooler you will be? That’s how it is. Therefore, if you have the possibility of lowering your bed from the structure or the mattress you have or if you are going to redecorate the bedroom and you already know that you have a very warm house, consider the option of choosing a low bed.

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