How to Make an Artificial Vertical Garden the Easy Way

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Here in the blog we love outdoor spaces, and that is why we have written several articles so that you know how to have dream patios and gardens, if you have already read them, it is most likely that you also want to have your own charming garden.

However, a garden is not for everyone, and it is precisely for it to serve as decoration and beautify your home, it must be constantly cared for and you must pay close attention to the care of plants.

For many this is discouraging, since in the busy routines of day to day, they do not have time to be attentive to watering the flowers, or to give them the care they deserve and that is why they immediately rule out the possibility of having a garden.

But what if we told you that you can have your own garden without having to worry about it? Even if you don’t have a lot of space, this is your ideal alternative?

No, we are not playing with you or giving you false hope, because the truth is that the answer is at your fingertips and it is an artificial vertical garden!

Ready to find out more about it and learn how to make an artificial vertical garden?

artificial vertical garden

As beautiful as a real one

Forget about prejudices towards artificial flora. For many, it is unthinkable to buy plastic flowers since they consider they are in bad taste and they look completely false, however this is completely wrong.

There are many artificial flowers that can easily pass for a real one and in the case of an artificial vertical garden it is exactly the same.

It is a way of obtaining a quality decoration that reflects nature, but without the care that it would really require.

beautiful vertical garden

Cheaper Than A Real One

An artificial vertical garden is extremely friendly to your budget, and at first glance it may seem like a significant expense and a large investment, but it is not like that at all.

In the first place, because the cost of the garden will depend on how big or small you want it to be, so that you are already clear that the space is not limiting because you can adapt it to your availability of meters.

Second, of the material you use, there are different materials and therefore you can resort to ones that are less expensive and even opt for the option of doing it yourself, and ultimately creating your own artificial vertical garden will significantly lower costs.

Finally, and this is definitely the most important reason, an artificial vertical garden does not need the permanent care that a natural one would require. And it is that in addition to this you save the additional expenses that arise as a result of care, that is, the purchase of fertilizers, fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, etc.

With the artificial vertical garden, it is definitely win-win, since you win at the cost level and what that saving represents for your pocket, as well as on the aesthetic side and in what it means as a high-impact decorative element.

how to make an artificial vertical garden

For Interiors or Exteriors

Another advantage with the artificial vertical garden is the possibility of adapting it to your preference of location, since you want a different and unique decorative piece in the interior of your house, that brings nature inside, or that you prefer to give a natural touch to your facade. .

Either way, the results are going to be incredible because either in one place or the other, your artificial vertical garden will make great impressions and before you know it everyone will start to replicate your style.

How to Make an Artificial Vertical Garden?

As we mentioned above, having your own artificial vertical garden does not have to be very expensive, and one way to generate even more savings is to do it yourself.

Visually it can seem like something quite challenging and that will require a lot of effort, however it is only a matter of attitude and disposition.

Here we show you step by step how to make an artificial vertical garden:

1-First you should look for a variety of artificial plants of your choice. They can be flowers or even moss, whatever you prefer but make sure they are of good quality in order to have a lasting result and that they resemble the real ones as much as possible.

two-Have prepared sheets of wood or acrylic on which you will paste the artificial flowers and that you will then hang or paste on your wall. It is important that the material you choose is resistant but not too thick because the idea is that what stands out is the plants.

3-Look for a glue or adhesive that can hold the plants together to the sheets of wood or acrylic, the best thing would be to get something resistant and waterproof. Especially if you are going to have it outdoors.

4-Once you paste everything on your sheets, feel free to add other complementary elements, such as ornaments or things allusive to the place where you will use it as decoration.

Even if you do it outside for outdoors, you can incorporate a few natural flowers in season and always modify them according to the change of season. That way it doesn’t require permanent care but you can always have a change and look different.

make your own vertical garden

Cheer up!

As you may have read, you only need a few materials to know how to make your own artificial vertical garden, it is very simple and the truth is that it only takes creativity and disposition.

This is a very original way to decorate your spaces so do not overlook it, we are sure that once you start and start receiving compliments, the challenge will be not to decorate your entire house with a large artificial vertical garden.

If you dare and make your own, do not forget to comment and send us the photo.

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