How to make vleas and soaps with recycled oil

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How to make vleas and soaps with recycled oil

Oil candles

The recycled oil It can be used for many things. The next time you think about throwing that oil, it is better that you keep it, because this oil can be used for many other things in a simple way. Today we will see how to make candles and soaps from recycled oil, making the most of these oils, something that is also ecological, because they tend to be pollutants if they are thrown down the drain.

The process at the time of make candles and soaps with recycled oil It is not complicated and anyone can do it. We will only need the necessary materials and collect the used oil at home, something we can easily do by putting it in a container for later use. The more oil we keep, the more we will have to make candles and soaps.

Keep the recycled oil

Recycled oil

The recycled oil can be save at home to use later. Once we use it, we should let it cool and pass it to a container where it can be stored until we use it. It can be a metal container that holds the temperature well, if it is not completely cold or keep it warm. Before storing it is better to strain it or we can strain it before using it again. It is important that you do not have waste, as they often remain in the oil after cooking. It can be filtered with a stocking or gauze to remove the dirt.

Oil for making candles

Candles with oil

Candles can be easily made with recycled oil. We will need to have glass containers, like those of yoghurts, which can be saved to make candles. In addition, you have to buy wicks, stearic acid of vegetable origin which is what will give consistency to the candle. We must put as much recycled oil as acid to create the candle. We can also use an essential oil to give a good smell to the candles. With the liquid dye we can give a nice color to the candles to also be decorative.

To make the candles you must Mix the oil and the acid to equal parts in a saucepan, put it to the heat and stir well until they are mixed. The essential oil is then added with a few drops and the dye. Pour the mixture into the glasses and let cool. When the top layer is a bit solid we must add the wicks and let them cool until they are solid.

Soaps with recycled oil

Oil soaps

It must be made clear that soaps that are made from recycled oil can be used to wash clothes or to clean, but never for the skin. When using the oil at high temperatures it loses its properties and the soap can create reactions if it is used on the skin.

To make the soap we will need a small amount of caustic soda and water. In addition, it is essential to use masks, gloves and glasses to handle caustic soda and do it in a ventilated place to avoid poisoning. In addition, aromatic essences should be purchased that give a good smell to the soap and we will need a silicone mold in which to pour the mixture.

You have to mix the water and add the soda little by little, stirring carefully as it is a corrosive mixture. It should be left to cool in a ventilated area. Then it is added to the already cast oil and everything is removed until a good consistency is achieved. Finally add the essences that will provide a pleasant smell and pour on the silicone mold allowing it to cool. When it is cold you can cut it into pieces and leave it in storage for several days to be able to use it. This conservation is important so that it acquires the suitable ph.

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