How to organize our warehouse if we work with long loads?

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Decor : How to organize our warehouse if we work with long loads?

One of the keys to efficient storage is to have an adequate system for the type of goods it houses. Normally, the merchandise is stored in boxes or pallets, although there are some materials that, due to their special characteristics, cannot be stored correctly in conventional systems.

Among these special elements are elongated loads, which are usually tubes, metal bars, wooden slats, sheet metal … These elongated products cannot be safely stored on a conventional metal shelf, but require storage systems ad hoc: Cantilever racks.

store long loads

The storage system for long loads

Cantilever racks

The most suitable structures for storing long loads are called Cantilever racks, also known as cantilever structures. The objective of these shelves is to store long loads, even of different dimensions, in a comfortable and accessible way in the smallest possible space. On the structure of this shelf, arms are erected in the shape of a U or a double T, on which the merchandise is deposited. Stops can be included in these shelves to prevent the load from falling.

An example of this storage system are the Cantilever Ractem shelving, with two options: the simple Cantilever (with arms on only one side) and the double Cantilever (with arms on both sides of the struts). The difference between both systems lies in the possibility of loading materials only on one side or on both sides. However, the struts of the single model are perforated on both sides to facilitate adaptation to the double system if necessary. As with most industrial racking, it is possible to form a Cantilever shelf.

Cantilever racking types

Within these racks we find several types: Cantilever both single and double, as well as Cantilever for coils, such as cable, paper or plastic.

On the floor

The second option is storage on the ground, that is, without a support platform. It is mainly used to store sturdy goods that can support the weight of the stack, such as wooden planks or metal sheets. In this case, the loads are placed on separation blocks that allow handling with forklifts.

Handling long loads

Finally, it is necessary to take into account the special handling for these loads. On many occasions, the manipulation occurs manually, so it is advisable to wear gloves. If mechanical means are used, it is carried out with front-loading and side-loading trucks.

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