How to set up a home office fast and easy: tips and tricks

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How to set up a home office fast and easy: tips and tricks, was born in response to the need to create spaces to work at home. Either because we have a job that allows us to telework or because of other imperatives such as those that concern us these days. The Covid-19 or Coronavirus It has forced us to stay at home and for many people, setting up a home office can be a real headache.

Today we are going to show you how to set up an office in our home quickly and easily. We will learn some tips and tricks to make working at home a positive experience. At the end of the day, everyone knows that I am at home, nowhere.

How to set up a home office

A form of work that for a long time has been demanded by a large part of Spanish society. To be able to manage our work time and fulfill our obligations from a place other than the office. Work from home allows us to save time, since with the quarantine we will not have to move to our workplace.

If this is your situation, do not be overwhelmed, here you will find the simpler, more comfortable and easier to create a work area in your own home. We will not need to do any type of reform, only follow some keys to be as comfortable as possible and pass the quarantine without breaking the work routine.

A Bright Space

The light To create a work area is essential when setting up a home office. In our case, if it is also natural light, much better since the view will thank us. Locate in your house a space that has good lighting, with a window close by if possible.

When it comes to putting a work corner at home we have to have watch out for reflections So never turn your back on the light As recommended by ophthalmologists, the ideal is to find a corner where natural light enters from the left side. So we can work with good lighting and without annoying reflections.

A place to focus

All we have done is change the workplace from our work center to home. For this reason, we will take into account the working hours that we have to invest. To find the best place we must look for a quiet corner, away from the areas of passage thus avoiding the corridors or house distributors.

Avoid passing areas It will be essential to find that personal space where we can concentrate without distractions.

Differentiate the Spaces

Surely we had never considered the idea of have a room specific to work, that is, a office. Today’s houses are not very big and for this reason it can be difficult to find that corner where we can place our work table.

If the option is to share a space such as the living room, a trick that will help us differentiate the space is to use rugs. With them we will get delimit and differentiate the space leisure and work. Place a nice carpet or delimit the spaces with furniture such as a sofa or a chest of drawers.

With few furniture, a table created from an easel, a table lamp and a good armchair, comfortable to spend many hours. Enough elements to do your work at home and comfortably.

Color is Essential for setting up a home office

At the time of set up a home office, seeks a place that helps you focus, for this reason flee from the furetes colors. It is preferable to place our work table in a corner where there are plenty of relaxing colors or warm.

To achieve this we can use colors that we provide energy. He resorts to painting. if you think it is necessary, changing the color of the wall where you are going to place your desk. In this way, it will not only help you to focus on your work, but also to sectorize the space.

Everything at Hand

For total efficiency at work, try to have all the material you need on hand. To achieve this you can resort to shelving by modules, place shelves or shelves. Find a corner where you can have the enough plugs whether for the laptop, as for the table light and for the printer.

One way to decorate these shelves is to use the storage boxes, boxes that will allow you to have everything organized and according to the decoration of your house. A simple and inexpensive way to store the papers of the home Office.

The functional and tasteful decoration

Although it is a space to work, we all like to work at ease. If in our workplace it is impossible for us to have that little plant or cactus due to lack of light, why not have it at home. Take advantage of the moment and fill your table with those little plants that will bring us beauty in front of our eyes.

Uses effective plants against radiation caused by computers and electrical appliances, the so-called healthy plants. Cacti, ivy or plants as beautiful as diefembaquia that are very effective against electromagnetic waves.

Nice and comfortable furniture

Now that we are going to spend time at home, what better idea than decorate our work corner with furniture that in addition to being comfortable is beautiful. Furniture that in addition to being functional is to your liking, do not forget that you are going to spend many hours in our new workplace.

Choose one good office chair that is comfortable, these are prepared for long hours of work. If, on the other hand, your working hours are reduced, it will suffice with a chair in which you feel comfortable and keep your Straight back, acquiring a good position for work. Do not forget that a good work chair should keep the legs at right angles to the back and the lumbar should be well tucked.

Tricks for organizing a home office

No doubt work at home also needs a certain organization. We have to bear in mind that at home we are not going to receive any client so the space you dedicate will be yours alone. In this sense, try to create a pleasant place for yourself, a comfortable place to work.

As in many cases it will be a temporary workspace, do not hesitate to use all the available space for your work table. If you are at home, it may not be so necessary to have the photo of the children on the table and yet it takes up space.

Look for a space to store the paper, do not let them pile on the table, resort to the storage baskets. When you finish your daily work discard the papers that no longer serve youOtherwise you will only accumulate.

At home we are the ones who must keep everything clean, so order and cleanliness will be priority tasks. In this way, if we clean with a good disinfectant our work area we will know that it will remain germ and virus free.

With these small modifications we can find a comfortable, functional and practical place to work. We have to keep in mind that it is simply a temporary way of finding a place to work at home. A way to continue with our activity while waiting for back to normal.

A normality that we do not hesitate, it will come and each day that passes, it will be one less day to win the battle that our society poses for us. With a single gesture such as that of stay at home working, we will have won the battle and we will continue to be productive as always.

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