How to take advantage and decorate a small terrace

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Decor : How to take advantage and decorate a small terrace

Small terrace

In this situation, there are many of us who we have re-decorated terraces and balconies in order to be able to use them to enjoy a little outdoors. Many of these spaces were hardly used and therefore did not have any type of decoration.

That is why we are going to give you some ideas to decorate a small terrace or a balcony. It is something simple but at the same time we must take into account the space we have to choose each piece well.

Use the color white

Small terrace

If the terrace walls have a color you don’t like, it is best to update them, and even the floor if you can. For these types of sites you have to buy exterior paint that can withstand inclement weather and is resistant to light. White reflects light and is therefore a perfect element for a small space, even for the terrace. In addition, the white allows excessive heat to accumulate on the walls, to keep the area cool. You can also bet on white furniture or accessories.

Choose functional furniture

When putting the furniture on the terrace or balcony we must measure the space well and think about where exactly we want these furniture so that there are no surprises when we buy them and take them home. With the measures indicated we can go to look for the furniture knowing that we will choose every detail well and it will fit perfectly. We really like folding furniture because we can store it in a small space if we are not going to use it.

Put a bank with storage

Terrace with furniture

Among the functional furniture that we are talking about there is one that stands out among all. Banks with storage that can also be put in a corner they are ideal for these spaces. They allow us to store textiles when we do not use them so that they do not pick up dirt and it is also a comfortable place to sit and rest, so we will have a very functional piece of furniture.

Light up the space

The terraces can be used at night or in the evening, so it is also a good idea to think about a little lighting. In this sense we can see some cool ideas like little LED light garlands which will also decorate during the day. If we want something more permanent we can install a lamp or add some candles that add a cozy touch to everything.

Add plants

Terrace with plants

Plants are always a good addition to terraces, balconies and gardens. Plants help us to be in contact with nature, but they are also ideal to add color to our terrace. Take advantage now that there are very beautiful plants that also bloom in spring to put a beautiful terrace. You can hang these plants on the walls or in a vertical planterBecause this will take up less space, something important if the terrace is small. But don’t give up on this natural touch.

Textiles for warmth

Textiles must be used in any space to feel that we are in a comfortable space. For the terrace we can use a few. The cushions for the chairs or the bench are necessary because they give us a lot of comfort. But it is that we can also add a tablecloth if we have a table or cushions for the backs in different colors. Other textile that can be added in these spaces is a carpet that covers the ground and allows us to walk barefoot. It can be a carpet with soft and light tones but it is easy to wash, because outside we will have to change it often.

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