Hyacinth flowers to decorate and scent your space in spring

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Decor : Hyacinth flowers to decorate and scent your space in spring

Hyacinth flowers can even be seen in florists and gardens before the spring season begins. But hyacinth flowers not only give us their beautiful colors. But they also sweeten us with their irresistible aroma that announces spring. There is no doubt that hyacinths allow us to say goodbye to winter just by perceiving their wonderful fragrance. So if you want to enjoy beautiful colors and a fresh scent in your home, consider decorating with hyacinth flowers this spring. Of course we will give you some information and tips that are worth taking into account to decorate with hyacinths. They will be practical tips for the proper care of this beautiful plant.

hyacinth flowers to decorate

Hyacinth flowers

One of the most captivating scents spring comes from hyacinths. Its fragrance and its beautiful colors can be perceived even from a distance. Hyacinths are some of the easiest spring bulbs to grow, plant, or force in pots. These large bulbs and sturdy stems look wonderful grown in water in a bulb vase and without the need for soil. Hyacinths were introduced to Europe during the 16th century. And due to its popularity, it significantly prompted Dutch bulb growers to produce more than 2,000 cultivars in the 18th century. At present, there are mtoSo less than 60 kinds of hyacinth flower to choose from.

hyacinth flowers pleasant scent

Hyacinths unfurl their colorful flower wands in early spring. Thus perfuming the garden or the interior of your home. It is worth mentioning that the sweet and spicy aroma of these spring bulbs pleases most people, but seems to alienate certain animals. Hyacinths, like daffodilsThey are rarely frequented by squirrels or other rodents. Hyacinth bulbs are short-lived, but will thrive for years in some areas. When planted in well-drained soil and in full sun or partial shade, they can return year after year.

hyacinth flowers arrangement to decorate

Texture, color and fragrance

You can help the development of strong, healthy bulbs by planting them where the soil is dry in late summer through early fall. Hyacinth plants consist of plump succulent leaves, arranged around a central flower spike. The flowers pack the column in tight clusters. Likewise, hybrid bulbs are available in almost all colors except black. The double shapes have rose-shaped flowers that add a unique texture. As we already mentioned, hyacinths thrive in any well-drained soil, with full or partial sun. Many varieties of hyacinths that have the most robust flowers will generally easily force themselves into damp soil or pebbles, if planted and chilled until buds appear.

hyacinth flowers different colors

You can grow your hyacinths indoors

SWhile hyacinths are perennial garden plants, they can certainly be kept indoors. Hyacinths have fleshy onions that they shed in early spring. The leaves come out first, which are narrow, oblong and a bit inconspicuous. Then the flower stalks grow tall and can reach 20 to 40 centimeters. Small individual star-shaped flowers develop on the stem, which offer us a beautiful show of color.

blue white hyacinth flowers

Among the colors that can be seen are white, blue, violet and other beautiful pastel colors. Ademtos of its beautiful colored flowers, they also give us a strong spring fragrance that makes you feel in season. Many people who are hobbyists in gardening want to add a fresh note to the interior of the home before the beginning of the spring and care for beautiful hyacinths in a pot. Well, if you want to do this then you must be aware of the location of your hyacinths in the pot.

white hyacinth flowers indoors

To choose the right location for the beautiful flowers, you should know that they like cool temperatures. But the hyacinths in the pot do not need a lot of heat, but they do need enough light. So you should make sure to place your hyacinths in full sun, such as on the windowsill. Of course, you must fill your pot with potting soil. It is worth mentioning that hyacinths indoors can grow well in a wooden box or in a salad container, which is no longer used in the kitchen. Because of their roots, flowers do not need much space to admire their beautiful flowers.

blue hyacinth flowers

How you should water and hydrate your hyacinths

Hyacinths in the pot are watered like all other spring flowers. Hyacinths need little water, but regular watering. Don’t let the soil dry out, but you should avoid any waterlogging that could cause the roots to rot. You should know that, from the month of May, these flowers begin with the resting phase, so the irrigation must be completely adjusted. You also have to cut the stems of the old flowers. You can leave the leaves for a while.

hyacinth flowers bulbs spring

But if they turn yellow, you need to remove them as well. Hyacinths in the pot can hibernate in a dark and cool place. Make sure the room temperature doesn’t drop below 15 degrees Celsius in winter. During their dormant phase, the bulb flowers form new roots and shoot tips. So, next spring, they will quickly come out and show their beautiful flowers again.

purple hyacinth flowers

Hyacinth flowers outdoors

You can plant your hyacinths in the fall, but after the soil has cooled. Usually late September through November, depending on your location. These bulbs are planted 6 to 8 inches deep and 4 to 6 inches apart in well-drained soil and in full sun or partial shade. Something that you need to use when you decide to plant your hyacinths are gloves. This is because the bulbs can irritate the skin.

hyacinth flowers in backyard

When planting your hyacinths correctly, you need to make sure to plant your hyacinth flowers so that the pointed part of the bulb is closer to the surface of the soil. So the shoots will emerge. After planting, water the bulbs well, then cover them with a two-inch layer of mulch if desired. It is worth mentioning that hyacinths multiply slowly. If you want, you can dig up clumps of hyacinths every three to five years or so, and separate the small bulbs from the mature bulbs. Replant the mature bulbs in the same spot. As for the immature bulbs, locate them in another place, separating them more or less 15 centimeters apart.

hyacinth flowers in spring garden

Hyacinth flowers indoors before spring

Hyacinths, like daffodils and tulips, can be forced to bloom indoors in mid-winter or early spring. Well, you can plant your hyacinth bulbs in a shallow planting container filled with potting soil, preferably a quality potting soil. You want to make sure that the top of the bulb should be level with the top of the container. We recommend that you cool the planted bulb in a refrigerator.

hyacinth flowers rustic centerpiece

Or in an unheated garage at a temperature of one to seven degrees Celsius for eight to 12 weeks. After the bulbs have cooled, remove them from the refrigerator or garage and place them in a cool place at about 10 degrees Celsius in low light. After the green shoots are about an inch or two out, move them to a warm, bright room. Hyacinths typically bloom three to four weeks after they are removed from cold storage.

hyacinth flowers with different flowers

The most popular hyacinth flowers

There are a number of hyacinth species to choose from, some of the species mtos popular is included Aquilegia chrysantha ‘Yellow Queen’ (AGM). This is a wonderful variety of hyacinths with large flowers in two shades of yellow. The central petals are dark, lemon yellow, and the long bracts and spurs are pale yellow. It can grow up to 30 centimeters tall and 7.5 centimeters wide. The flowers can also have a fairly yellow exterior, with white centers.

hyacinth flowers with other flowers

Apart from its appearance, it also has a sweet aroma. Which makes it a very good option, both for the garden and for the interior of your home. Another very popular variety is hyacinths Miss Saigon (AGM). Miss Saigon hyacinths are compact with spikes of deep wine-colored flowers that grow within bright green leaves, up to 8 inches tall, with flowers 6 inches high and 9 inches wide. The stems are green, reddened dark purple. They are long-flowering and can produce more than one stem per bulb and have a very pleasant fragrance.

hyacinth flowers indoor growing

There are also the Jan Bos hyacinths (AGM). The flowers of this particular species are popular for their deep reddish-pink hue, and fresh green foliage. When grown outdoors, the stems can stand tall. Flowers they measure mtoS or less 15 centimeters in diameter and 6.5 centimeters wide, which sit on a brownish red stem. As for colors, hyacinths come in a variety of beautiful shades. Hints of hyacinths include blues, pinks, yellows, and shades of white, and others. When the bulbs are planted, the colors will only become apparent when the flowers begin to open.

black hyacinth flowers

Important things to consider when growing hyacinths

It is important to keep hyacinths away from children and pets. This is because all parts of hyacinths, if ingested, can cause an upset stomach. As we already mentioned, it is necessary that when manipulating these …

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