Iberocasainfinta presents its dream home The Cliff House

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Decor : Iberocasainfinta presents its dream home The Cliff House

With the advance of times, new solutions are emerging in the world of architecture. Architecture studios work to offer novelties that offer greater functionality and comfort to their clients. This is the case of IberoCasaInfinita, which has just launched a new virtual tool with which to present its collections in a different way to its clients, without them having to travel.

the cliff house 1

The tool has its argumentative support in “The Cliff House”, A dream home located a few meters from a cliff, from where you can see unmatched sunrises over the blue of the sea, and that allows you to take a tour through all its rooms and see all the Iberocasainfinita brand news.

the cliff house 3

The tool is available for any mobile device and it will allow the user to see the Iberocasainfinita news applied in different rooms, with the possibility of create various compositions.

On the other hand, the application offers several options to the user, such as downloading catalogs by series, evaluating collections, requesting information and a long etcetera.

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